Words That Attract And Convince To Sell

Although it is true that the type of message you transmit depends on your industry, there are words that attract and convince those who read or listen to you. The competition to capture the attention of users grows every day and it is important to know the tools that can work in your favor. Specialists agree that emotions influence our purchasing decisions. In this way, each image and word represents an opportunity to attract or miss the opportunity of a new prospect. Some of them are: Increase Save To get better Trust To guarantee To know To protect To help Compare Tips when creating messages for a better result Avoid saying “but” When you are talking about your brand.

Or making a proposal, the word “but” sends the message of “negotiation” to end the sentence. Thus, when someone hears an idea followed by a “but”, they will instinctively put on a mental brake. The fact that these types of words exist does not mean that you have to forget about the content, the strategy or the image that will accompany your message. Every element in your content (blog, post on social networks or email to your clients) is valuable; There is no such thing as a miracle worker on its own. For example, “also” gives a positive message. Less is more Any word or statement that feels like “filler” to your prospect will cause an attention bias.

Try To Use A Word That Links Both Ideas

If it is a blog or a mailing Czech Republic cell phone numbers , it will cause paragraphs to skip. Remember that time is a valuable attribute that cannot be lost sight of. The words we have mentioned convey the message directly. They go to the point and allow the mind to quickly decipher the message. These fractions of a second play in your favor and can positively increase the response you expect. Answer the “Q” questions What? When? How? These are questions that your message must answer from the first lines.

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The type of communication influences how many questions you will answer. A promotion can be shorter in the number of words than a proposal with final prices and discounts. Facilitating these responses will make your message stick in your customers’ minds longer. use adjectives Social Networks are a great platform to correctly implement a campaign. Posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that have an attractive adjective increase their engagement rates significantly. It is important to know how to use them at the right time and not abuse them, since we are not looking for sensationalism or scandal.

The Style Of The Adjective Must Respond

To a real value proposition so as not to give an image of exaggeration. storytelling Some of the adjectives that can help you in your messages are: Amazing Spectacular Surprising successful inspiring essentials simple Exclusive main easy Powerful Big Revolutionary Special Mention for Concepts “Because” In an experiment cited by psychologist and author Robert Cialdini in his book Influence , a student was walking to the photocopy room at the faculty and was met by a line of people lining up. On a few occasions he addressed them saying: “Excuse me, I have 5 sheets.

Can I use the printer? . On other occasions I told them: “Excuse me, I have 5 sheets. Can I use the printer? Because I’m in a hurry.” They let him pass in 60% of the cases; on the second occasion, in 94%. So, if you provide a reason or a reason for your request, it will be easier for it to be accepted. People like to believe that they have reasons to do what they do. “You’re free” In the largest experiment on influence and persuasion ever conducted (with more than 22,000 participants analysed), it was shown that simply adding the phrase “but you are free to decide” at the end of a request doubles the chances that it will be accepted.

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