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WeChat has a payment function, and Alipay has a public account. The two products that were originally unrelated to each other have entered a Uganda Mobile Number new territory of the “public account + payment” model. Why are you interested in this territory at the same time? Because here, Alipay or WeChat can provide merchants with a large number of potential users and direct and accurate marketing channels Uganda Mobile Number on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can provide users with a light and fast consumption experience and a friendly and timely interaction method.

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Therefore, Alipay and WeChat sometimes went off the rails in the process of occupying new territories. Whether it was the bosses who made Uganda Mobile Number public statements or the public relations who were pleading with each other, we onlookers had a lot of fun to watch. So what do you think of the merchants who really use the “public account + payment” service? I recently had a chat with Can Wang, head Uganda Mobile Number of new media for the Pudding hotel chain. Compared with catering and shopping, O2O in the hotel industry is relatively mature. Therefore, as an actual case, the Pudding Hotel has a certain representativeness of the use of Alipay and WeChat, so I will sort it out and share it with you.

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Uganda phone number
Uganda phone number

1. At present, the Alipay wallet public account and WeChat public account of Pudding Hotel are operating at the same time. 2. The actual number Uganda Mobile Number of orders, Alipay and WeChat are the same, about 280 orders per day. For reservations, you can choose in-store payment or online pre-payment for the first night. Wang Can said that they are also negotiating with Tenpay for WeChat payment Uganda Mobile Number access. It is also possible to prepay online. From the perspective of hotels, the more prepaid users, the better.

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