Why Is A Digital Presence Important

Therefore, It’s not just about “likes” The need to go far beyond just posting “something” on social networks and counting “likes” is a pillar for the success of the brand. For this reason, the CM focuses on establishing the guidelines of the community, facilitating the conversation of users with the brand and creating a relationship of trust to improve visibility and online reputation . Relevant Social NetworksWhy is a digital presence important? There are two factors in the business world to which the most successful brands have managed to respond very well: Consumer attention spans are now 11 seconds on average.

In other words, Standing out in such a competitive world depends on the value that the brand offers in terms of experience. Therefore, Objectives of the Community Manager The effectiveness of the CM will have greater influence if it is based on a previously established strategy. The general objectives of the CM are: Improve the visibility of a brand or company on the Internet. Manage the online reputation of the brand. Increase followers on the brand’s social networks. Create conversations bringing the brand closer to the community. Increase knowledge of current and potential customers.

Manage The Online Reputation Of The Brand

Generate an emotional link (engagement) Peru phone number the brand and the community. In other words, Provide a more personalized Customer Service and be the “ears” of the company. Build your Community in Social Networks Conclution. The latest Study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet. Therefore, Users 2017 by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mexico revealed that. In Mexico, there are 5 million Internet users . (60% of the population). The average time they spend online is 7 hours 14 minutes a day. 80% of people connect through their cell phone.

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Social Networks are the most used applications. In other words, Facebook is the favorite, with 92% preference. 66% of users are willing to receive information from a brand in exchange for free content. The accelerated growth of smartphones has changed consumption habits because customers spend. Therefore, More time on their screens and maintaining a presence. That generates value makes a difference. Now consumers establish a direct relationship. With brands through their own social networks to give their opinion. And leave a mark with real weight.

The Bridge That Unites Us With The Client

They thus become promoters of your brand and a professional Community Manager will give you the assurance that you are not improvising. In other words, By strengthening your community, you will be able to know the habits and motivations of your customers. Would you like to know how to find the right tone of voice to communicate with your Customers? Receive free advice. Therefore, According to recent data revealed by specialists,marketing that generates authentic content will continue to be king.

It is one of the most specific ways that companies establish an image of authority with professionalism and build trust with their business consumers. It must be relevant information; with industry information worthy of creating analysis and entertainment for a specific audience. In this way, the bridges with the community or “tribe” itself are strengthened. Therefore, which even makes it generate natural conversations about our brand.

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