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There is a casino, you will swipe your card after entering, and all your basic information is on this magnetic card. Including nationality, gender, age, etc. are Belize Mobile Number all mastered. He has a huge database and can figure out each person’s pain point, that is, if you lose more than this pain point, you will never come to the casino again. And the casino’s best bet is to tell you to stop before you get to the point of pain.

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So when you are about to reach that painful point, a young and beautiful PR manager will suddenly appear next to you, saying that Mr. That brought a change. It turns out that economics says that merchants cannot engage in price discrimination, not because they cannot do it morally, but because it was difficult for merchants to price discriminate against different customers in Belize Mobile Number the past, and you must set a uniform price. But this is the law of the past. Why are there so many disputes between doctors and patients now? In fact, the misdiagnosis rate in hospitals is very high. According to a study in the United States, the rate of misdiagnosis in hospitals in the

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In the era of big data, merchants can accurately price each individual consumer and drain all your last penny, because he understands your behavior better than you do. In this case, you’re using repetition as a stylistic device. We call it anaphora. Businesses who can use big data are all heart thieves, and they will steal your heart, and they can set prices accurately. United States is Belize Mobile Number about 1/3, and 20% of the causes of death of major diseases are due to misdiagnosis. Why? Because the past is entirely based on experience, many of which are subjective. Up to now, medicine is not a science, and medicine studies complex living organisms, so it has not yet reached the level of precise treatment of diseases.

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