What Is Lead Nurturing And Keys To The Success

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with your users at whatever stage they are in the buying cycle. It is based on the creation of valuable relationships with our clients, with the aim of accompanying and guiding them throughout the process until they retain their loyalty. With well-implemented and aligned strategies between marketing and sales, lead nurturing is an automated process that allows you to increase the percentage of prospects that reach your brand’s site, to convert them into customers.

Index of contents What is Lead Nurturing? Benefits of Lead Nurturing 5 Keys to Lead Nurturing Conclution: What is Lead Nurturing ? It consists of sending a series of regular communications to customers, based on their needs and the stage of the funnel they are in. The objective is to accompany them throughout their journey, from the moment they leave us their data for the first time until they become loyal customers. lead nurturing The type of content to send will depend on the phase in which the contact is: IQL (Information Qualified Leads or qualified leads for information).

The User Has Shown Interest In Our Brand

But is not yet ready to buy. Therefore, we Sweden phone number list continue to offer you content of interest, earning your trust. And positioning ourselves as a benchmark in our sector. MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead or qualified lead for marketing) . The user is starting to assess possible suppliers, so the marketing team can start to act more proactively. Here we are interested in offering you more specific content, success stories, testimonials. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead or qualified lead for sales).

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The contact is now ready to move on to the sales team and start working. On the closing, for example with a specific consultancy. Or a personalized product trial. The series of sequenced communications. That you will have with your prospects can be arranged in workflows. With three fundamental steps: Decide the segment of contacts to target. Establish the main objective of each process Design and implement. The communications sequence Benefits of Lead Nurturing. It is possible to get the most out of the available data. Since we manage to convert the “raw” information into concrete steps to follow.

We Manage To Reach Users With The Right Content

It improves the return on investment , since we are optimizing our marketing to achieve the maximum possible conversions with the minimum possible effort. We manage to reach users with the right content , just when they need it. This not only increases effectiveness, but also reduces the risk of rejection. We save time and energy , since the whole process becomes automatic. Instead of dealing with the day-to-day, marketing and sales teams can be tasked with overseeing strategy and creative, and measuring results.

Finally, as we refine our strategy, we can reach a very high level of segmentation, which allows us to identify very specific segments and send them highly personalized messages. 5 Keys to Lead Nurturing lead nurturing The first step in any Inbound Marketing process is to attract traffic and leads to our website and social networks; without forgetting the importance of the quality of the contacts. It’s no use focusing on prospects that don’t interest us or that we can’t get them to move through the process.

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