Website Speed: Tips for Optimizing Website Speed and Use Light

Website speed is very important to the user experience. If your site is too late, you will lose both your visitors and your potential customers. Search engines like Google take website speed into account in their search rankings. Therefore, everything into account when optimizing the speed of your website. Here are some basic and general suggestions for speeding up your website. Defer loading content if possible You can use Ajax to create web pages that asynchronously at any time. This means that instead of reloading the entire page when the user performs an action, you only need to refresh part of that page. Clipping Path Service You can use the image gallery as an example.

Clipping Path Service

High Quality Image Files Are Always Big and Heavy.

They can slow down your website. Instead of loading all the images when the user first visits the web page, all they have to do is display the thumbnails of the images. The user can then click on them to asynchronously request a full-size image from the server and refresh the page. Thus, if a user wants to see only a few photos, they don’t have to wait for all the photos to download. This development pattern lazy loading. Website speed Untitled Website speed Excellent Clause theme with fast loading speedAjax / web development libraries such as jQuery, Prototype, and MooTools make it easy to implement lazy content loading.

Hot! !! Claue Version 2.0 Has Been Released Claue2_Edited

Watch the demo Claue Magento Theme 2.0 has been released with significant performance improvements and unique features. This is the peak of some of the changes we are most excited aboutBased on Luma’s theme. Meet all the criteria of the Magento theme Significant performance improvement Compatible with most third party extensions. Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x This second advanced version is completely different from the previous version. Therefore, if you are using Clause version 1 and you are updating to Clause version 2, you can only rebuild your new website instead of updating from the old version.

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