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In conclusion, Website optimization should be implemented in 2019. Most companies have a website at this point, but many haven’t invested any real effort in it. A website should not be a static entity that can be set and forgotten. You need to make sure that it is optimized and ready to provide good results. In this post, I’ll elaborate on what these factors are and what they have to do with optimizing each website. Latest Update: We have released version 2.0 of the Claue Multipurpose Magento 2 theme. It contains several performance improvements and unique features. Crop resizing service Check out this theme now: Claue Magento Theme 2.0claue2_edited (1) Live demo Claue – Clean and Minimal Magento 2 & 1 Theme is a great modern and clean e-commerce store with over 40 homepage layouts and shop, blog, portfolio, store locator layouts, and other useful page options.

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However, dedicated features, including Based on Luma’s theme. Meet all the criteria of the Magento theme Significant performance improvement Compatible with most third-party extensions. Moreover, Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x This second advanced version is completely different from the previous version. Therefore, if you are using Clause version 1 and you are updating to Clause version 2, you can only rebuild your new website instead of updating from the old version. Now let’s get back to the main topic.

Mobile-First Google Officially Launched the Mobile-First

Therefore, Index in March. Smart marketers have taken a mobile-first approach long before they officially rolled out. Here are some basics to make your site mobile-friendly: Adapt your site to any device. In other words, It can be desktop, mobile, or tablet. Always scale the image when using responsive design, especially for mobile users. Use a short meta title. It is easier to read on mobile devices. Avoid pop-ups that cover your content and prevent visitors from getting a glimpse of what your content is. On mobile, less may be more. In the mobile-first world, long-form content doesn’t always lead to higher traffic or better rankings. Don’t use mobile as an excuse for cloaking. Users and spiders need to see the same content.

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