Web Traffic: Is The Number Of Users Accessing A Website

Digital Marketing Concepts: Responsive Design: It is a web design technique that seeks the correct display of the same page. Today we access websites from all kinds of devices: from computers, tablets and cell phones. If your website has problems displaying correctly on tablets or cell phones , make the adjustment as soon as possible. Digital-Marketing-Concepts Responsive Design: Websites optimize for mobile devices Bounce rate : in Spanish it is equivalent to the bounce rate. It is expresse as a percentage and is equivalent to the visits made to our website but from users.

Who leave it without having visit other pages of our same site. The goal is to reduce it as much as possible. A good bounce rate would be 50%. SEO: In English Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique in charge of optimizing a web page in search engines. This resource makes it possible for web pages to be found by potential customers of a website, generates organic traffic and increases sales. If you want to appear first in Google you have to apply this strategy. Digital Marketing Concepts Lead: is a record of a user obtain through a form.

Ppc: It Stands For Pay Per Click

Landing Page: This page is design with the Kazakhstan phone number of converting visitors into leads. CTA or call to action: These are the messages that are place on Landing Pages and have the objective that users make a conversion. Digital Marketing Concepts Content curation : is a strategy that consists of the analysis, tracking, collection, filtering and dissemination of interesting and valuable information on a certain topic. In addition to a strategy, in this age of information overload, it has become a job. Companies are looking for this figure a lot. In this type of marketing, the advertiser pays for each time a user clicks on one of their advertising banners.

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It is also call Cost Per Click (CPC). Currently, the two most use PPC systems are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Digital Marketing ConceptsConversion : It is the end of a desire action. It can be a purchase, a download, a registration or the submission of a form. When creating a marketing strategy this will be our goal and we will measure its effectiveness with a conversion rate. This is one of the most important words in this digital marketing dictionary. That allows users to create text, image and animation ad campaigns in the Google search engine, on YouTube and on independent web pages associated with Google.

Google Adwords: It Is An Advertising Platform

Keywords or Keywords: It is a word or set of words that are use strategically to position a web page in search engines. For example, if you have a flower shop in the district of Surco, you could use the keyword “flower delivery” or “florist in Surco”. To position your website you should place this keyword in your URL and within your web content. Digital Marketing Concepts Photo John Schnobrich/Unsplash Engagement: It is the connection between a brand and its customers. In social networks it can be observed through interactions, shares, comments, etc. The more interaction we see, it is affirme that there is greater engagement.

Clicking or not is not taken into account. Every time an ad shows it is count as an impression. Domain: This is the unique name that a web page has. Just as people have a name and surname, pages have a domain to identify and locate it on the internet. Conclution: Connecting with your customers in real time, building a relationship with them that goes beyond advertising like a TV commercial but a social network, has a lot to do with executing a well thought out strategy. Come to us and we will help you define the first steps to grow your consumer base in the digital world.


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