Use The Store Function On Facebook

Now if it is time to review the steps to follow to have your store on Facebook. You must add the “Shop” tab to your Facebook page and upload the products manually . Each product must have a photo, description and price; as well as a URL that links to the e-commerce page where it is sold (and where the customer will finalize the purchase). 2- Use the advertising account to integrate a product catalog without complications. In order to bulk upload products, you must have a file that serves as the . Facebook supports files in CSV, TSV, and XML formats .

Each of these types of product has a predetermined format, referring to the fields it can contain and their name. You can visit the Facebook Catalog Manager for more information. Facebook Catalog Manager marketing4ecommerce. If the catalogs that are handle are extensive. Or you update often (change of products, change of prices, availability, etc). The catalog can be integrate into Facebook using the “schedule recurring upload” option. To do this, instead of uploading the file, notify Facebook where. It can go to find it (a Dropbox URL or a server via FTP) and how often it is being update. In this way, your catalog will always be up to date.

It Is Important To Categorize The Products

To integrate a product catalog on New Zealand phone number list . In case your company is an agency or you already have experience in the field. You will most likely use Facebook Business Manager to manage multiple. Pages and ad accounts . If this is the case, the procedure is the same as the previous point. But with the difference that Facebook includes an intermediate step to select. Who owns the catalog: the personal account or the Business Manager account . Once you have the catalog created, you can start importing products. From here, you can integrate a product catalog on Facebook. By uploading a file or using a wizard that will guide you step by step.

New Zealand phone number list

Use Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce , Magento or Google. To make it a bit easier, you can choose to use external tools. You can integrate a product catalog on Facebook through Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce ( WordPress e – commerce ), Magento, or Google (if a catalog is already uploaded). Now take advantage of all the tools and functions that Social Networks (Facebook and Instagram) offer you; so you can exploit your online store to increase your sales and offer your customers what they are looking for, giving an exceptional service that makes your customers love your brand.

Make Use Of Facebook Business Manager

Do you need help with the administration of your web catalogs and sales through Social Networks? Schedule a free consultation and let’s find the ideal way to grow your company. And another important aspect that you can know is where you are losing potential customers. Market segmentation is essential to reach the target audience we are looking for and that our marketing efforts give the expected results. Now with these new tools and forms of segmentation, campaigns can be optimized and work focused on the right segment. With support from Lateral Concept & Hotmart.

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