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Uniqlo has a global store expansion strategy. But it is also a brand experience and Uniqlo has stepped out of its own model. First, the cooperation platform : Uniqlo chose Ali’s Tmall flagship store for its domestic strategic cooperation, and built its own official Ghana Mobile Number website and mobile APP. With the advantages of one body and two wings, Uniqlo can effectively use the advantages of data analysis to speed up its stores Expansion rhythm. Second, the tools are intelligent : whether in Tmall stores, official websites or offline stores, Uniqlo can promote its smartphone APP uniformly, it has the current mainstream O2O mode scanning, LBS, promotion , and integrates functions such as Tmall to open up a closed transaction Ghana Mobile Number loop, but the most powerful thing is the intelligent analysis of its data. Through the geographic location and active purchasing power of online customers, it can provide data decisions for

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Through the above two cases, we can find that through the O2O method, using the advantages of data analysis can accelerate the experience upgrade of the entire Ghana Mobile Number retailer. With an upgraded experience, you can effectively defeat your competitors and expand your own brand market share. However, is the O2O era really coming? According to the point of view of “experts”, O2O touches Ghana Mobile Number the online and offline plates of the entire brand retailer. Solve the problem of channel conflicts, so it is definitely easier to carry out O2O business.

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Ghana phone numbers

However, in my opinion, the most important thing is not the issue of retail channels. The essence of the channel conflict problem is the distribution Ghana Mobile Number of interests.  In any case, you shouldn’t use too many long sentences. On average, they are more difficult to read. Readers tend to stop reading texts with lots of long sentences earlier. and the most core problem, although the current mobile e-commerce has become a trend, in 2013 the mobile yuan year. However, the O2O era has not yet fully arrived, or it is only on the eve. Just Ghana Mobile Number sticking a QR code is O2O? Order a meal on the mobile phone, and the offline delivery is good. Is the O2O era coming? Stop talking!

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