To Arouse Interest And Create Mystery

A short spot can be launch without revealing the brand. Who is behind the teaser , with a second video or statement. In this phase, companies can rely on influencers and establish relationships with them so that they speak well of the brand. To convince the public and the influencer of the product, one idea is public demonstrations . 3- Explosion Now the goal is to make the revelation reach everyone. All available means of communication are use here . This phase is the opportunity to take advantage of social networks . The goal of having a brand channel on Facebook or Twitter should be to create a conversation among followers , rather than broadcast messages in a one-way way.

According to data from Google, online searches are the main source of conversations between consumers . Other recommendations from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (Womma). For this phase and taking advantage of resources are the following. Encourage users to communicate with each other , through online forums and social networks. Give people something to talk about , with information that can be easily share and sent. And public relations events that inspire them to tell others what they have seen. Create communities that connect users , such as online groups, fan clubs and forums.

Revelation It Is Revealed To The Brand

Work with communities of influence. India phone number list the influencers of the sector, inform them of the company’s plans. And encourage them to share that information. Research and listen to consumer feedback. For example, by monitoring comments on social networks and surveys. Stimulate conversation through a company blog and social media channels and update them. With content on a regular basis. Now take advantage and exploit buzz marketing. To offer customers something different, unexpect, that surprises them. And makes them fall more and more in love with the brand to turn it into a lovemark.

India Phone Number List

At WOM we are dedicate to making your company something special, contact us so that your company grows and is as you wish. Schedule a free consultation . The key to this trend is to create content “on the fly” , in real time , taking advantage of a relevant event to gain notoriety and virality in the media. To do Real Time Marketing you have to be fast. A good publication in real time can generate a great repercussion in the media and remain in the minds of users much longer than any other type of action . In addition, real-time marketing allows us to put our consumer and the things they are interest in at the center of our communication to create emotional bonds.

It Will Also Be Necessary To Do Positioning Work

Real time marketing analyzes all kinds of available data about our consumers to find the perfect moment and way to reach them. It is estimate that we are exposed to more than 3,000 daily impacts from brands. In this sense we can talk about 2 main characteristics of Real Time Marketing : immediacy Creativity It is also important that the content of these actions is interesting and consistent with our brand. In other words, it is not useful to be associated with a trending topic if it is not relevant to our users. If the strategy is execute correctly, 3 effects can be achieved in our audience:




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