Tiktok: An Interesting Opportunity For Brand Advertising

Thus, the growth of the business will be much faster , if the correct metrics are followed up and that information is used for the benefit of the company. The ROI or return on investment is the key to be able to carry out successful marketing campaigns, along with the follow-up and monitoring of those marketing actions. Metrics are critical to being able to measure the success of your marketing efforts so you can turn the tide toward what really works. With the support of PuroMarketing, 40 Fever & More Digital

Therefore, .TikTok has become the most popular social network in recent months. This social network has become popular as an entertainment and leisure platform. However, TikTok can also be an interesting channel for companies, as an advertising medium. Now there is TikTok for business. Find out more about this platform and how to take advantage of it for the benefit of your brand. Index of contents TikTok for Business How to take advantage of the social network for your brand Advertising on TikTok Other ways to use TikTok for your business organic content. Know the platform 3- Create fun content 4- Create challenges.

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Influencer Marketing TikTok for Iceland Phone Number List TikTok. One of the social networks that is currently in fashion. Has become a stage where brands have found a new opportunity to connect with their audience. Therefore, This is the specialized program for companies ” TikTok. For Business Marketing Partner Program ” . This program is the new way to promote the brand. And the best in this social network. In this program. The brands will have the support of companies specialized in different areas of marketing. With the aim of offering marketing departments. New ways to express their creativity and connect with the TikTok community.

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This program is another step in expanding the commercial possibilities of your service. The new TikTok strategy will allow brands. Therefore, To have the support of a series of companies specialized in the various areas of marketing. Campaign management, results measurement, creative development, etc. All this to highlight and improve the image and presence of the brand. How to take advantage of the social network for your brand If your company wants to start venturing into this social network and take advantage of it to promote the brand, there are some tips that can help you.

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Advertising on TikTok TikTok already has an advertising platform aimed at advertisers ( TikTok For Business ). Therefore, Brands that want to advertise on this social network can use five types of ads : TopView : A preferred video format that showcases the brand or business in the best possible placement on TikTok. The goal is to attract 100% user attention. TikTok Top View ad cyberclick In-Feed Ads : The ads will appear as if we were a TikTok creator and there interested users can click on the call-to-action and go to the site or e-commerce . Videos up to 60 seconds with autoplay and music can be upload.

TikTok In-Feed ad cyberclick Brand Takeovers: With this format, a brand takes control of TikTok for a day, with images, GIF’s and videos with integrated links to landing pages or challenges with hashtags. Therefore, TikTok brand takeover ad cyberclick Hashtags Challenges: Promoted hashtags can be used to generate more engagement . Hashtag challenges (organic or advertising) are based on encouraging TikTok users to create or recreate content using your branded hashtag. We can support the influencers and ask them to use the challenge with the hashtag to spread the challenge faster and thus the tiktokers will be encouraged to generate derivative content.

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