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In fact, WeChat’s abacus is not Ukraine Mobile Number inaccurate. First occupy the first entrance of the mobile Internet, solve various technical barriers related to e-commerce such as payment, introduce a large number of merchants to establish an e-commerce platform, and then import these user traffic into the e-commerce platform to realize the establishment of the entire business logic. This process is the most reasonable and unassailable way to look at it. But in reality there are still some pretty difficult hurdles, and if you don’t Ukraine Mobile Number manage to overcome it, it can be said that you will not be successful in the field of mobile e-commerce.

Why Many Companies Ukraine Mobile Number

In order not to disturb users, it Ukraine Mobile Number may only be possible to make payment tools for users to use passively. But this is much less effective: why should users open WeChat to pay instead of others? The difference between social traffic and e-commerce traffic objectively exists. Although the scale of WeChat users is amazing, the traffic is mainly social traffic. The main purpose of using Ukraine Mobile Number WeChat is not to buy goods, but to communicate. Therefore, it is very difficult to count on the traffic of social products to drive e-commerce.

Have Invested a Lot Ukraine Mobile Number

Ukraine phone number
Ukraine phone number

Finally, there is another point. In Ukraine Mobile Number fact, whether it is Alibaba or Tencent, whether you have tens of billions of annual income, it is quite difficult to leverage the O2O market. Because of the high cost and poor self-hematopoietic ability, they are not comparable to Internet products. Apart from that, a big difference between O2O and all other Internet product models is that it has little Ukraine Mobile Number scale effect. As big a plate as you want, you have to pay as much liquidity cost. The bigger the scale, the higher the cost. Unlike other Internet products, there is little difference in cost between serving 100 people and serving 1 million people.

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