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There is a well-known Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley. The founder is Morris. He is different Ecuador Mobile Number from other venture capitalists. He is neither a graduate of Harvard Business School or Wharton Business School, nor an IT engineer. When I was in college, I studied British and Ecuador Mobile Number American literature as an undergraduate. I wanted to be a poet and a playwright, but I found out that I couldn’t be a playwright, so I changed my career to be a venture capitalist. Do you think he understands his major? He definitely understands, but he is definitely not an expert.

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One day someone told him that there was a young man who wanted to chat with you, okay, come, chat, what do you want to do, young man, the young man said that I wanted to build a search engine, and the search engine was already the Red Sea at that time. The Red Sea was Ecuador Mobile Number a money-burner, and at that time, including AOL and Yahoo, had already started to make search engines. This young man, a college student who has not graduated from Ecuador Mobile Number Stanford, has no money and no experience, Morris said. Young man, you have a lot of ideas. I voted, and he voted. What has this company become now? It has become Google!

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Reading a lot of poetry is still useful. Morris said that I can form a Ecuador Mobile Number sympathy with others. He said that if I can’t feel what this person wants to do, no matter what he Ecuador Mobile Number says, no matter how feasible the project is, I feel very flustered. , He said that I dare not invest, I must find it, and I dare to invest only if I can resonate with him, so this thing is also very hanging, and it is different from what we originally thought, so this is to bring something, You have to adjust your original thinking.

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