The Video For Its Part, Is Gaining More

More strength in the trends of 2019, however, you have to know the nature of each social network: a video for Facebook is not the same as for Instagram or LinkedIn. The duration of each of them must always be based on the preferences of the users. 3. Don’t forget creativity: Educate and Entertain We all enjoy a fun time on Social Networks. Puns or humor can be techniques with which to reach your audience, we all like to share a post that we find funny and you can take advantage of that humor or trending topics in your favor.

There are millions of brands on all networks and your goal is to differentiate yourself. To do this , launching original messages that are not based solely on selling your product or service is essential. consistency-social-networks 4. Choose the right time to post The analytical tools of social networks already allow you to visualize what is the best time to publish. Your audience, depending on their age, residence and occupation, will be more active in some time slots than in others, take advantage of these moments to post.

Use Hashtags Related To Your Business

Your goal is for them to comment Cameroon phone number share your content. Hence the importance of the moment in which you publish. So that your engagement is greater. Hashtags are the way for your potential audience. The one who may be interested in your signature but still doesn’t know it. To reach you. You will be able to attract new followers through them. Also, now networks like Instagram allow you to follow hashtags. So you should not forget to add them to this network. To have a greater reach on the platform. It is also a good strategy to see what the people. Who follow these trending topics need through their posts and comments.

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In this way, you will be able to better understand. What is behind the intentions of your buyer persona and design a communication that offers solutions to the problems they seek to solve. Conclution: In Digital Marketing , being “consistent” is often confused with the discipline of publishing our content day by day to strengthen the presence of our brand. In reality, you can be consistent in many ways: by responding and interacting with your community; listening to your audience and offering what they need to hear, see or read; showing empathy with the topics that are trending, etc.

Hashtags Relying On Hashtags Gives You The Opportunity

A few days ago, Instagram went a step further and introduced a new button to make purchases within the app and return to the normal feed after completing the process. Yes! Instagram will have the option to record your purchases. Index of contents Transactions on Instagram Transactions on Instagram The labels that usually appear in product publications, previously led to looking for more information on the brand’s website; Now, they will give the customer the option to “checkout” and purchase the product at that time.

At the moment, this button is only available for the United States and is still in a trial period available for 23 brands (Adidas, Zara, Mac, among others ). However, it is expected that after normal adjustments, it will be rolled out to more countries. The considerations for the success of this button are many, and Instagram needs to ensure the safety of both brands and users: Instagram will save the bank details with which the first purchase was made so that customers do not have to repeat this step from the second transaction.


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