The Story Behind Taysa Jorge’s Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List Unusual Perspective on an Iconic Volcano

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The landscape of Tenerife – the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List largest of Spain’s Canary Islands – is dominated by the imposing Mt. Teide. While many photographs of the island feature the dormant volcano standing out along the horizon, island native Taya Jorge captured an image that showcases the impressive mountain from a unique perspective. The result is an intriguing shot of a relatively familiar landscape. It’s a very special picture for me, because even Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List though we got lost, we had a great time that day,” she says. “And I’m sure there aren’t many people who have seen El Teide from this perspective – it’s not an easy-access place.

Nikon D5100 Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List

“In that moment, the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List. The first thing I thought was that I haven’t seen. El Teide from that perspective before. However, and it looked so beautiful to me,” she says. Thus, noting that the volcano is also Spain’s tallest peak. When you’re arriving, flying to the island. However, it’s probably the first thing you’ll see from the plane. Everyone who was born here knows that shape. It’s kind of representative of my land. I used a gradient to make the sky look increasingly Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List darker. Added a new sky photograph full of stars at 77 percent opacity over the original sky.


Nikon AF FX 50mm f/1.8D Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List


Spontaneously, Taysa pulled out her Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List camera to capture the impressive landscape from an entirely new point of view. Even though the volcano is not in the center of the photograph, the other mountains and vegetation on both sides make it look symmetrical. I remember thinking it was nicer this way than with the volcano in the center. While the original image showcases a beautiful landscape punctuated by gentle mountain peaks, Taysa decided to further Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List to enhance the scene through post-processing. In Photoshop, she used Camera Raw to adjust the colors, lights, and shadows to tone down some of the contrast. I found it beautiful how late evening’s light plays in a night scene photograph,” she says.

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