The Question Then Is What Are Networks Used For

Social networks are a sensation in the world, especially in Latin America;to sample the most recent Study of Media Consumption among Mexican Internet Users . In this study, developed by IAB Mexico and Millward Brown, social networks are the most visited content on the web in Mexico (65%), ahead of email (61%) and search engines (55%). Social media 9 out of 10 Mexican Internet users are registered on social networks, the most popular being Facebook (96%), Twitter (56%) and Google+ (54%), with significant growth in new players such as LinkedIn (13%) and Pinterest ( 7%).

According to recent statistics published by Statista , Twitter, for example, is used more for brand awareness (79.4%), sending traffic (58%), captive customer engagement (55%), searching for new leads (52%), improving brand image (40%) and in a very lagging 24%, sales. Use 1 and 2 are then brand presence and traffic to content… brand and content. Brand-generated content to create interest in topics that are common to existing and potential customers. It is really a powerful cross if we consider the number of times that the same user connects to a social network in a single day.

Why Be In Social Networks?

BuzzFeed , for example, has more than 130 Qatar phone number monthly unique visitors. And 75% of its acquisition is from social sources. SAuch as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So brands can keep trying to sell with social media. Or they can look to do something that works better. Would you like your real and potential customers to have a better approach to your brand? Where will social media go? In 2015, social networks. And the use of digital media will grow exponentially. And will be essential in the marketing strategies. That companies will use to interact with their customers.

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Any advertising strategy will be based on moving images. The content will be increasingly visual. Because it is what brands want, which is going to generate a revolution in social networks. Beyond current formats and technologies. Personalized messages. On social networks will be the ones that will surprise you with their usefulness in the various video formats. From Vines to those that follow a live broadcast that users can comment on and share. Things are going to become protagonists in social media, and not names.

As Far As Social Media Is Concerned

They will become the protagonists of social networks, due to the revolution of the Internet of objects and not of people. Digital marketing is going to have social networks as its guiding axis, instead of traditional media, because Facebook and Twitter are no longer going to be a complement to the strategies of many brands, but rather the core of their communication campaign . What is a landing page? A landing page is a destination page, where targeted traffic is sent (from banners, Pay Per Click, emailing, social media), with a specific objective.

They are usually pages without conventional navigation, menu, login, etc., since they are focused on conversion. They are essential in any online marketing action that we want to carry out. If what you want is to increase the return on your investment in any online marketing action, you should create a landing page. That is the main objective, to achieve ROI. Why create a specific landing page and not send users to the home -main page- for example? Mainly because the home page of your website is designed as a more generic entrance, it is an entrance as if it were a storefront.


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