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As you may already know, startups are emerging companies that are mainly related to the technological field. These companies arise with the initiative to carry out an innovative proposal to the market. However, reality indicates that success is a difficult goal to achieve. The global business magazine fortune indicated in 2014. That 9 out of 10 startups fail and that the main reason is the lack of the necessary market for their product. Even so, this data is not something that should discourage entrepreneurs, on the contrar. It is one that should motivate them to work more meticulousl. Taking as inspiration the achievements of entrepreneurial ideas that today are a success to be one more number in the statistics. For this reason, various aspects that have led and kept these companies at the top.

That Positioning Are the Following Know Your Audience as You

might imagine, this step involves analyzing consumers, it is about knowing their habits, their language. How decision-making works, what type of content they consume, etc. Choose the right channels: it is important not to fully enter any social media platform. No matter how good an idea it may seem. It is advisable to take 2 or 3 channels that are popular with the Uganda WhatsApp Number List  target. Determine the tone: staying true to a voice is an essential task that must be carried out on each platform and with each product. Since it must have a representation of the brand and messages that can last. Create relevant content: again, the maxim “content is king” applies here.


They in turn will interact and share. Stay consistent

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referring to the content. It is essential that these pieces of value are created and launched to the audience constantly. So that they can later be interspersed with other messages focused on generating a particular action. This rule consists of generating 80 percent of the content geared towards fostering relationship. And trust with the audience through brand awareness. And the other 20 percent to promote the product or service. Take the initiative: although the creation of content is important. It is not just about creating it. You must seek interaction. Through questions you can start this and as the answers are give.

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