The News Client Phone Number List

The voice is more difficult to control than the text version of  welcome to enter, beautiful women chat”. What it does is still what traditional Phone Number List media does. It nakedly conveys information to users. After all, it is just a source of information. Users can obtain information through you, and can also obtain information through other products. The news client can achieve two “quantities” in terms of “dead” content, one is quantity and the other is quality. Another quantity is quality, and users need quality news information.

Urgently Needs to Revitalize Phone Number List

There is still a problem with the news client currently, the problem of historical information. If the user does not use the news client product for three consecutive days, basically the information of the first three days is “dead”. If the user wants to Phone Number List check the missed first three days news information, you must find useful information from a large number of information sources like a needle in a haystack. I suggest here that the news client can provide a tool for providing date query, so that users can not let the missing information die in in a multitude of sources of information.

Hard won Over Phone Number List

According to my observation, at present, many news clients have added the voice comment function, and there are not many ways of voice comment on the PC side. On mobile, voice input is easier and more interesting than text. Although this function has been added, users do not use it much. On the one hand, it is because the news client is not Phone Number List strong enough to promote this function. The end product, together with the main voice function, has gradually cultivated the user’s habit. I am looking forward to Zhan Mi and Kemi using voice to have a “Huashan discussion on the sword” in the comment area of ​​the news client. The anti-cheating ability of the product is also very important here.

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