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Usually, we use this sentence to express the things we don’t understand, such as: How can the MM at the front desk fall in love with that kid??? Hey, radishes Guangdong Mobile Phone Number and vegetables, each has his own love! I like to look at things the other way around: why do they use the same method of holding a bowl and lifting chopsticks whether they eat radishes or green Guangdong Mobile Phone Number vegetables, but different people still find their own satisfaction? Well, this seems a bit difficult, let’s use a small program to rationalize the idea 1.

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You need to manage a batch Guangdong Mobile Phone Number of inventory materials. In terms of materials, we only have the attribute of price for the sake of simplicity. 2. The boss requires that you need to know the value of all the materials. In addition, if a single material is more than 100 yuan, it is a valuable material, and it is listed in detail. 3. This is not difficult for you. Let’s focus on Guangdong Mobile Phone Number rewriting passive voice sentences into active ones first, though. We’ll give an example for every tense in English in which the passive makes sense.

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It is not difficult to change a number, you have modified the code and the program continues to run. 5. . . . . Oh, wait a minute! Let’s stop for a moment, this narrative is too conventional and too smooth, let’s go back to a more general perspective: that is to Guangdong Mobile Phone Number say, the boss will change it to more than 1,000 yuan next time to be considered expensive, and we also You have to change the code, maybe you want to say: I am very good at changing this, there is no problem! (I know you only change a number, of course I am confident!) But never forget, we greatly simplified the problem, the material is only the Guangdong Mobile Phone Number price This is the only property that, in the real case, both logic and conditions grow exponentially with the addition of considerations! If at this time, you think of design patterns, it means that you are still wandering! If you think of configuration files, you can say: you are finally starting to appreciate the benefits of a little data, so interesting! Let’s continue:

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