The Latest Facebook Changes To Watch Out For

The changes that Facebook has made in recent months reflect the trends that will mark the way we relate to each other as digital users. Not only do they talk about how important it is for Mark Zuckerberg’s network not to be left behind by applications like Snapchat or Instagram, but they also give us the opportunity to visualize the present and future of digital marketing strategies. On this occasion we want to talk to you about the importance of staying updated on the changes that Facebook is implementing.

Some of them are not yet in Mexico but it is a fact that they will have an influence on the digital scene. That is why your strategies must be aligned with the responses that users will have on the platform. Index of contents Facebook: the current scenario Recent Changes on Facebook Trending Topics are gone Breaking news arrives Local News / Today In Videos on Autoplay in Messenger Voice stories and cloud storage Surveys with Gifs Conclution: Facebook: the current scenario Facebook is the social network with the greatest reach in the world: In January 2018, Facebook had about 2,167 million active users in a month , of which, more than 1,450 million are daily active.

As Well As Day Summaries And Weekly Reports

Recent Changes on Facebook 95.1% of users. Ivory Coast phone number use Facebook do so from mobile devices (tablets and cell phones). In Mexico , the total number of Facebook users is 83 million. 9% more than January 2017. 94% of them access via mobile. The average time of Internet use. In Mexico is 8 hours 12 minutes. Users are spending up to 40% of their time on social media. (Study Habits of internet users 2018 / Mexican Internet Association). However, not everything is hunky-dory for the social network. And the new generations are beginning to have a real influence.

Ivory Coast phone number

Generations like Postmillennial or Generation Z and Tactile. Or Generation T are not as interested in Facebook. Users between 13 and 17 years prefer Instagram (72 percent) and Snapchat (69 percent). FB lags behind with 51 percent . YouTube -although. It is not a social network- is the platform that most attracts adolescents (85 percent). Recent Changes on Facebook Trending Topics are gone. The social network reported that. It will eliminate the trend box also known as Trending news that appears. Or appeared, was currently active in some countries. Next to the fact of the dashboard news.

Breaking News Arrives In Its Eagerness

Apparently, everything is an impact of the proliferation of fake news and the multiple criticisms that the social network received. Breaking news arrives In its eagerness to recover a sense of community and promote the content published by friends and contacts, Facebook made some changes that affect the positioning and reach of the media. Now, it will integrate the Breaking News label, which will start running in 80 countries in North America, South America, Europe, India and Australia.

Local News / Today In Yes, again this trend of social platforms to look more towards the local; Google is testing a new app and, in the case of Zuckerberg’s company, it is also testing a local stories section, which will include breaking video and live coverage, as well as day summaries and weekly reports. Videos on Autoplay in Messenger Facebook has long been taking advantage of the growing trends that prefer video just like Instagram. Now, the change is that you will be able to see autoplay ads in Messenger Stories.

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