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Even if the video we create is also on the landing page, it can increase the conversion rate by up to 80%. An example of VR Ads from Oculus that creates a simulate office room for users to feel fun while working. summarize Virtual Reality Ads is the use of technology (Martech) to create a virtual world to present products and services of the brand stand out. different from competitors It also transforms the customer experience into a more personalize experience. The benefits of advertising through VR are: Facebook Twitter Line Soon the Halloween season will be here. which although not a Thai festival But not many consumers like this festival.

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Whether it’s dressing up in chic cosplay, doing special fun activities, as well as decorating the venue to match the atmosphere, in the past year 2019, there were consumers around the world. Pay attention to buy Halloween-relate products. On average, one visitor Ecuador Phone Number spends around $86.27 on merchandise relate to the festival . And due to the approaching  and deliver marketing campaigns to keep up with trends. to create novelty for customers And beat with various ideas that make customers see that they have to buy. STEPS Academy will take readers to see 13 creative ideas. For marketing campaigns during the Halloween season, which brands will have some cool ideas and some great content, let’s go see it.

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Consumption trends of products and services during the Halloween 2021 festival” Image from Although the purchasing behavior And services will change due to the Covid-19 pandemic from 2019 to 2021, but trading during Halloween hasn’t decrease in any way, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics. to host Halloween by decorating EF Leads pumpkins in front of the house Decorate the house with a horror theme and dress up in fancy costumes to add to the fun. In addition, consumers in 2020 are also looking for festive products in advance from September to prepare up to 30% through online channels to reuce the risk of going out.

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