The Bases That Will Take Your Startup To The Next Level

What is a Startup? Eduardo Morelos, director of Startupbootcamp Fintech Mexico explains: “It is a great company in its early stage, unlike an SME, the Startup is based on a business that will be scalable more quickly and easily, making use of digital technologies.” The three aspects of a Startup: The term only applies when the project is at startup. Once the company scales, it will no longer be called Startup. Scalability, which has to do with the potential growth of the company. To achieve this characteristic, technology must be integrated that allows the product or service offered to be distributed exponentially.

Just as it can be in finance, operations and marketing. In this article we give you the basic points of digital marketing that serve to prevent marketing from being the reason for the failure of your Startup. Since 37% of the users of this platform are under 24 years of age. But if your company is B2B, the best option is LinkedIn, as it is a professional social network. When you are clear on which social networks you need to develop a presence, the second step is to know your audience in more detail.

Digital Marketing For Startups

What their challenges, goals, Lebanon phone number are, what their family situation is like, their career, their character. You can carry out a survey among the database of prospects and clients that you already have to find out several profiles of buyers. This is very important for the entire process of your digital marketing strategy. By knowing your audience, you know what content to create that will help your audience solve their problems. You also know what tone to use in your content and you can customize it better. Do you want to know more about this topic?Follow this league.

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It is important to clarify that even though you have open accounts on different social networks, the website is the Startup’s most important repository of information. You must design according to the new standards of navigation and collection of prospects. That means having direct and explicit calls to action. Generate landing pages for each call to action where you request the data of the content requester. This content can be an e-book, a free demo or free advice. Another very important element is the blog, to create authority in the sector of your company.

Build An Eye-catching Website

The blog also helps in search engine visibility and attract more visitors to your website. Find out more about the world of blogging here . Manage frequency and consistency on social media Social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote a new business. Therefore, Startups must make sure to generate a presence in some of the networks where their target audience is. It is important to continuously reflect the identity of the company in each publication that is made. Do not focus only on your business To succeed in social networks you must keep in mind the 80/20 rule.

This rule means that 20 percent of the content must be promotional in nature and 80 percent must be content of interest to the audience. As educational content about problems or questions from your audience, and content that encourages participation.Digital Marketing for Startups Develop engagement Participation and engagement with your brand is increasingly important to develop your brand presence on any channel. In social networks, a tool that can be of great help is competitions, challenges, give aways, etc.



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