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2011 is the first year of China’s smart Sri Lanka Mobile Number TV, with 4 million units sold that year. In 2012, it reached more than 16 million units, an Sri Lanka Mobile Number increase of three times, showing a blowout. This year is expected to reach 26 million units. In addition to shipments, the ecological development of the smart TV industry is also developing healthily. 1. Smart TVs have become effective Sri Lanka Mobile Number and practical from the conceptual stage.

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Set-top boxes, video sticks, TVs, Sri Lanka Mobile Number and mobile phones project diversified product forms; 2. More and more different Players in the field will participate in it, and they will play their respective strengths and become more dynamic; 3. The market demand is activated Sri Lanka Mobile Number and user acceptance is getting higher and higher. 4. The synergistic effect of other industries: the rise of home Internet, smartphones and tablets, and the prosperity of the online video industry , the decline of traditional TV stations. Despite its growth, smart TVs are still in Sri Lanka Mobile Number the early market. There are 350 million households in China, with an average of more than one TV per household, and an average of more than 1.9 TVs per household in large cities such as Shanghai.

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From the perspective of smart TV shipments, the penetration rate is still very low. In addition, smart TVs are still in a “chaotic period” and there are many competitors, but there are still no stars in terms of share. China’s annual TV sales are about 50 million units, which will be the ceiling for annual smart TV shipments. This year’s 26 million shipments are already high, and it’s unlikely Sri Lanka Mobile Number to see a significant increase next year. However, just like this, there will still be players who will use their unique advantages to distance themselves from other players and become the “boss” in the coming year. Enter the smart Sri Lanka Mobile Number TV “one super and many strong” situation.

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