Storytelling: Emotional Marketing For Your Audience

Doing storytelling in digital marketing is appealing to the emotional side of people, thus generating the relationship of trust and loyalty that all brands seek. From the paintings of hunters in prehistoric caves to the present day, telling a great story has been the method that human beings have to transmit knowledge, values ​​and everything that is worth remembering. ridge between before and after is “crossed” thanks to the attributes or values ​​of a product or service. Storytelling and marketing Capturing the attention of users is the central strategy in a hyper-connected world like ours.

Storytelling is a strategy that can help your brand connect emotionally with your users and stand out from your competition. The challenge is to understand that time is the main asset of your clients and that the way of creating stories has changed: Before, advertising had 30 seconds to tell you a good story in a TV commercial. From the comfort of an armchair, your attention was captive and completely focused on the image and unless you had the remote close to you, the message was delivered.

Finding A Balance Between The Strength

Now, thanks to the Internet and South Korea phone number list devices. That are always with us, our way of paying attention has become more demanding. Attention spans are shorter and we are “multi-screening”. You can watch your favorite series on Netflix. And at the same time to be browsing on your cell phone. Now, you can keep the seal of a good story. Told from a simple photo to the best produced video. Storytelling May your brand be a leader in storytelling. Getting people to feel a certain way requires knowing them. And what really motivates them.

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That is why our job is to make a storytelling. That gains a space not only in the attention of your users but also in their memory. Show Don’t Tell: The brain processes an image 60 times faster than a text. Finding a balance between the strength of a photo or video and the words that complement what you want to convey is very important. Content vs Context: It is not just about creating the same content and distributing it on different social platforms. It is about understanding the nature of each one and the psychology behind users when they browse them.Facebook is not the same as Instagram and the time that users spend.

Estimates From A Study Conducted By Cisco

On them has different motivations. Ingredients: A great story has 3 fundamental parts: 1) a hero (your ideal client for example); 2) the problem the hero faces and 3) the solution or answer the hero conveys. Trends: By 2021, video will represent 82% of Internet traffic. Another analysis by Wyzowl revealed that 79% of consumers prefer video over text to learn about or better understand a product, because it is generally an easier way to consume information. Conclution: Making your customers see your brand, recognize it and feel close enough that they are the ones telling the story of your brand, means that they have understood your message in a simple and practical way.

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