Some Trends For Successful Campaigns

Therefore, Influencer Marketing is consolidated as one of the most valuable strategies if you want to create a solid link between brand and customers. Why is it that despite the fact that bad practices such as followers, comments or “fake” influencers have come to light, 80% of executives say that it is an effective strategy? (statist). At a global level, it is estimated that the Influencer Marketing market will close 2019 with a value of 8 billion dollars to reach a level of 15 billion dollars by 2022 according to Mediakix , an agency specialized in Influencer Marketing in the United States and according to the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA).

65% of multinational brands will increase spending on influencer marketing in the coming months. Therefore, In this sense, the digital world has been an incomparable platform: the latest reports from IAB Mexico, in our country we are 72.7 million Internet users; of them, 90% have a Smartphone and on average, we use 4 Social Networks. Index of contents 5 Trends in Influencer Marketing for 2020 The democratization of influence: Influencers as media: Let’s go to video and podcasting: artificial intelligence: Micro and Nano influencers.

Why Is It So Effective?

Conclution: 5 Trends in Influencer Singapore phone number list for 2020. The democratization of influence. The acquisition of B2B products is a team effort, involving multiple departments. And people in the company. Therefore, Each of them uses different centers of influence to discover. Consume and interact with information. Therefore, the trend of influencer marketing for 2020. Will be to take advantage of all possible points of contact and influence. Therefore, Influencers as media: Influencers are teaming up to create their own outlets and networks. Which compete directly with traditional digital outlets.

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These new media can take many different forms. From podcast networks to bloggers and YouTubers. Collaborations between influencers enhance the breadth of the message. And guarantee greater engagement , in the face of the results of an algorithm. That decreases views when it comes to macro-influencers . Therefore, Let’s go to video and podcasting. According to Hubspot in 2019, 87% of marketers have used video. At some point in their marketing strategy. So influencers should pay attention to these new trends.

Influencer-marketing Artificial Intelligence

And why not the same with audio? Podcasting is taking off with great force in the Hispanic environment. When the Anglo-Saxon environment is already very consolidated. Therefore, So it is an opportunity to position yourself as an influencer . Machine learning. And artificial intelligence will help us detect the best influencers for our brand. Choose the best topics, formats and content; and optimize the performance of our campaigns. By bringing together disparate data sources and automating analysis. AI will enable us to maintain ground in an increasingly competitive environment.

Micro and Nano influencers: Influencer-MarketingBrands are paying. More attention to user and employee experiences. Instead of treating influencers transactionally, brands will need. To pay more attention to the goals, preferences and skills of each individual influencer. To create more authentic campaigns and better results for all. Nano or micro-influencers have smaller communities. Or niches but with a higher percentage of engagement. Therefore, And therefore conversion, and sometimes it is positive that the mix of influencers. To contact has different audience sizes depending on the objectives to be achieved.



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