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Now give you the option to buy items through the platform. Instagram: More and more questions are being asked about how to install Instagram Shopping , a new channel to purchase a wide variety of items. Facebook: Online stores know that the Facebook store is a great ally for the sale of their products, supported by Instagram. Pinterest: It will be essential in your e-Commerce strategy , especially if the audience and theme fit with the user profile of this social network. LinkedIn: Social Selling and Employer Branding are two sales models that companies are considering more frequently, becoming aware of their relevance to sales, in a B2B business model.

Content Personalization Strategies such as local targeting will gain strength, thanks to the fact that they are very effective in attracting customers from the business area. The quality of the messages, instead of the quantity, will also be prioritized in the campaigns, making them more effective. In this way, communicating the really relevant content to the audience will be much easier. local carding Search Ending Land Transparency will be essential, and that is why authenticity will also be one of the Social Media trends in 2020. With which they can identify and that guarantee them a certain security.

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Social welfare People are becoming more Saudi Arabia phone number list of the impact of social media. On mental health , even now social media addiction is referred to as affliction. This can cause changes that affect the metrics. That brands track to assess their effectiveness. In addition, they will have to think of ways to bring well-being to their respective communities. For example, they will have to avoid toxicity and find ways to interact with them and trigger their interest through opportunities. Outside the digital world. Data privacy and Fake News Trust in a brand can be destroy. If it is link to something that is putting consumer data at risk.

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Brands will have to work on measures to put an. And to this perceived mistrust and for this it will be necessary to implement some regulations. In addition, it will be necessary. To monitor fake news to keep the brand away or free from those conversations. Similarly, brands will have to find a balance between data privacy and the personalization. That they can and need to provide to be more relevant, using the information they have about consumers. That are coming for this year. Prepare your company to follow these trends. To be a better one every day, and stay update on the changes that are require. To transcend and make the customer fall in love.

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Influencer-Marketing Specifically, Instagram is the platform that occupies the first place in the ranking in Influencer Marketing and has spectacular statistics (Satista): 1 billion users per month in the world. 500 million users a day. 95 million brand-sponsor influencer posts in 2019. 53 minutes per day is the average time of users on this network. 7 out of 10 hashtags use on Instagram were create by companies. There are at least 25 million active profiles belonging to companies. As you can see, the inertia that Influencer Marketing carries today will leave a very important mark during the next year.



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