Smes Decide To Sell Online In The New Normal

Selling online has become an important decision. In the midst of a complex context derived from the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the second edition of the Study on Online Sales in SMEs 2020 , prepared by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) in collaboration with GS1 Mexico , reveals that the Mexican SMEs have given greater weight to the digital sales channel. Today 6 out of 10 SMEs sell in e-commerce , an increase of 94.6% vs 2019. In other words, 64.2% of SMEs sell online , as opposed to 35.8% that do not. Some of the reasons that SMEs show to sell online are: Having an online presence is no longer an option but part of the strategy.

They use Social Networks as a first step to have a presence offering valuable content about their company or product. They know the importance of using Social Networks to advertise their product, attract customers and trigger potential purchases. Some of them have web pages as the main channel that supports the sale of their product. sell-on-the-internet Study on Online Sales in SMEs 2020 (AMVO-GS1 Mexico) The study was carried out to understand the financial, operational, technological and commercial impact of SMEs (with annual turnover of less than $50 million pesos), in relation to electronic commerce and the current public health contingency.

The Resonance And Amplitude Of Its Contents

Given the closure of physical stores to Malaysia phone number list the contingency measures. Recommended by the authorities, many SMEs reinforced their online sales channels. Out of 10 SMEs began selling online after the pandemic. For their part, those who already had online sales. Before confinement redoubled their efforts to give priority to this important channel. “ COVID-19 became the main trigger for the digital transformation of SMEs. As well as the accelerator for their entry into the world of electronic commerce and digital platforms.

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Within the new normality, e-commerce will strengthen SMEs in 5 large areas: your positioning. The geographic reach of your products The resonance and amplitude of its contents. The emotional connection with the consumer The omnichannel of its commercial strategy. Without a doubt, being a small and medium-sized company is synonymous. With resilience and adaptability .” Gerardo Brehm Sordo, Director of Marketing. And Institutional Relations of GS1 Mexico. Regarding the share of online sales vs. The share of total sales, before the contingency. Only 18.3% of SMEs reported that the online channel constituted more. Than 31% of their total sales. Now, 31.5% consider. That the online channel will represent more than 31% of all their sales.

Sell-on-the-internet Study On Online Sales In Smes

This reflects the importance that electronic commerce has gained and the impact that it will have for business from now on. Sell-on-the-internet Study on Online Sales in SMEs 2020 (AMVO-GS1 Mexico) In the financial aspect, SMEs have sought to implement actions to cut expenses in order to cover only what is necessary, their main concern being the payment of salaries. They seek to use this time to learn new things that will allow them to improve as a company, especially in digital matters. Among the needs mentioned by SMEs to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on their companies, the following stand out: Support to generate more business relationships with other companies. Training to sell online.

Support for payment to suppliers and salaries. Training on marketing, finance and inventory management issues. Logistical support to improve distribution. Export support. Negotiations with banking and/or government institutions. The companies have had active communication with banks and suppliers, they have sought to work under a collaborative approach that helps them cope with this period. Both parties are aware of the importance of supporting each other. Index of contents Conclution: The companies that do sell online consider that training in electronic commerce issues is essential because, being a totally unknown subject and that is constantly updated, they consider that ignorance leads them to make mistakes, having to learn empirically.

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