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The prevalence of audience on mobile devices is significantly higher than any other device. According to the Russia Phone Number latest data from comscore, 73.6% of visits. However, this large concentration of audience on the small screen implies. Certain advertising difficulties due to the. Complexity of integrating well-known formats in such a small space. These points are what continuously lead smartclip’s technical team to develop. New formats, which with a relevant and compliant size allow. Reaching large audiences.This is the example of the gradual format, developed by smartclip with. The Russia Phone Number of the creative agency comunica+a, which occupies. 96% of the screen width and 150px in height and when. Scrolling reaches up to 500px in height.

This Greatly Helps Russia Phone Number

To get good viewability and ctr data without interfering with page reading. Similarly, Calvo was the first advertiser to carry out tests with this. Type of solution, in collaboration with his agency um, part of the mediabrands group. For the campaign to Russia Phone Number launch the new “dump easy” container. The objective of the campaign was to achieve wide coverage with a quality. Impact and, in order to measure the action in detail, a recall and notoriety study of. The format was carried out with the Russia Phone Number bilendi institute. Similarly, A total of 200 surveys were carried out on the target individuals. Between 25 and 44 years of age, which yielded very positive results.

6 Out of 10 Users Russia Phone Number

Russia Phone Number

Exposed to the campaign recalled having seen calvo’s ad. When naturally browsing the internet. And 95% correctly associated it with the Russia Phone Number brand. The study also shows how the format correctly conveys the campaign’s message and attributes. Through an open question, which highlighted calvo’s campaign communication concepts. Another important feature of this format is its high scalability since it can. Be served on any mobile website , making it a very interesting. Option for coverage solutions that require activations focused on branding. And through direct purchase according to the Russia Phone Number needs of the client.

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