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There are various forms of self-media. As long as fans acknowledge their Indonesia Mobile Number accounts, the gameplay can be more diverse. Compared with the monotony of writing media, everyone likes to talk about “Luo Ji Thinking”. “Luo Ji Thinking” is a model of self-media, but it is also Indonesia Mobile Number an unrepeatable existence. Luo Zhenyu has a strong knowledge reserve and an expression beyond ordinary people.  However, the gameplay of “Luo Ji Thinking” has indeed inspired the self-media industry. Sohu We-Media has also recently started to try video self-media gameplay. During the New Year’s Day, famous emotional writer Su Qin and Sohu News Client We-Media Operation Team jointly produced a video

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The video self-media program “Su Qin Girls’ Academy”, on the first day of its launch, without the re-promotion of Sohu homepage and Sohu video, the cumulative number of views has reached Indonesia Mobile Number nearly one million, and the effect is not bad. Judging from the case of “Su Qin Women’s Academy”, Sohu’s attempt on video self-media is still in the right direction. At present, there is still a lack of self-media programs for women’s attention. ” and “Xiao Shuo” are mostly male audiences. Programs Indonesia Mobile Number that de-masculine thinking make the audience more clear, and women are particularly sensitive to emotional issues, which makes the broadcast effect of blocking programs very ideal. The self-media products and services provided by the Sohu news client including video + live broadcast room + publications help “Suqin Girls’ Academy” to cover female fans of multiple dimensions.

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This kind of gameplay is based on “Luo Ji Thinking”. Another Indonesia Mobile Number progressive attempt. “Luo Ji Thinking” set a precedent for video self-media gameplay, but Indonesia Mobile Number it is difficult to have a self-media team that can stand alone with it. Cooperating with platforms to make video self-media may be a good way out. Sohu’s self-media business has become the strategic core of Sohu Group. The “Su Qin Women’s Academy” cooperating with Su Qin is just the beginning.

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