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Yarina, sister of colombian soccer player wilmar barrios. He make a funny mistake that had a positive effect for bbva. Beyond the estimates of at kearney. Which project revenues for the sports market worldwide in 2017. 90 billion dollars, the marketer knows that doing sports marketing is practically a guarantee. Thanks to the millions of fans who are looking for related products with your hobbies. Soccer is especially generous with the brands that are affiliated with it, be it with sponsorships at events or on the players’ shirts. Which are excellent assets for companies. Even more so when a character makes the brand viral by inadvertently advertising it. As in the case of yarina, sister of colombian soccer player wilmar barrios . Who made a funny mistake that had a positive effect for bbva . And it is that in his eagerness to join the many messages of support to the midfielder.

Unnoticed on the Internet Users Saved the Capture

Yarina confused the name of the boca juniors team with the bbva bank . Beware of black friday deals he saw it huge. And in front of the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List  shirt and thought that was the name of the team. So he wrote on his instagram account. When you play with that passion and leave everything to the last drop of sweat. Well that’s how we go for more bbva. Since nothing goes.

Yarina confused the name of the boca

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unnoticed on the internet. Users saved the capture for posterity. As the user closed her account after being mocked for the enormous confusion. The incredible confusion of yanina, the sister of wilmar barrios. She thought that bbva was the name/nickname of boca. I can’t stop laughing october 20, 2017. However, bbva will surely be grateful for the number of times the brand. Her name has been shared in this viral case with comedic overtones.


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