Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Digital Strategy

Instead of promoting “the best prices” talk about a product that the company offers at the best price. Do not say “The best team of professionals” , but introduce the team and say who they are. Always look for what attracts attention because it distinguishes us from the rest. Lying to sell can boost you today but bankrupt you in the future. Throwing a lie or a half truth to social networks or the Internet is suicide, because the only thing that is achieved is to ruin the online reputation . The truth always ahead , the truth will set us free. 6- Less is more Be brief and on the Internet even more so because the potential client does not give much time. Do not say in two sentences what can be said in two words.

The mission of a message on the Internet is to channel traffic to the company ‘s website , but once inside the rules change. Now take these recommendations into account so that the communication of your brand in the digital world presents a clear and effective advertising message. Take advantage of advertising messages so that your brand stands out from the rest and connects better with customers. Lean on us to create that effective advertising message for your brand and that allows it to be what you are looking for for your company, contact us .

Look For Videos That Generate Interactions

Surely you have heard of video UK Phone Number Database List , a digital strategy that is booming on many platforms. In fact, a Hubspot study indicates that 81% of brands are already using it. And it is precisely for this reason, because our competition is probably using it within their communication and advertising strategies, that we want to understand what this technique consists of, the benefits it can have for us and what are the reasons for applying it and putting it into practice. march within our social networks. Are you ready to optimize your content and generate online sales? Contact us here .

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Index of contents What is video marketing? 5 reasons for a video marketing strategy to succeed in social networks 2. Create emotional content: 4. Include SEO in your strategy: 5. The good thing, if it is brief, is twice as good: 6. Use storytelling to communicate more effectively: 7. Make the customer the protagonist: What is video marketing? When we talk about video marketing, we refer to a digital marketing technique that is based on the use of audiovisual resources to generate content and broadcast it digitally. In short, we mean adding videos to your marketing strategy. Another format to take into account is social video, which is video created exclusively for dissemination on social networks.

Adapt The Videos To Your Algorithm

The idea is to create shareable and adaptable pieces to the particularities of each social network. For example, on Instagram and Twitter the square video works, while on Instagram Stories we use the vertical format. On YouTube , it is important that it is of good quality, preferably HD, and that it has good sound. In Facebook we could say that it is important that it contains subtitles since its automatic reproduction is programmed in mute. On YouTube, it is important that it is of good quality, preferably HD, and that it has good sound And it is that, to date, the data shows that video marketing has a very positive impact on sales.

For example, a tweet that contains a video has three times more views and replies than one that does not. Or 90% of users say that when they see a product video it influences their purchase decision. 5 reasons for a video marketing strategy to succeed in social networks 1. Look for videos that generate interactions: In general, we must look for content that users want to share. We have to make it easy for them and generate topics or articles in which users feel reflected, see that it is useful information for them or call them to action. 2. Create emotional content: Video is one of the best formats to generate emotional content , so take advantage of it.


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