Reasons To Have A Presence On Social Networks

But when we know where the user is coming from, we can save the time that they will spend on all the links to find what we propose. If we can be precise and convert more and better, let’s do it! The key elements of the landing page are: Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Images or videos that show the scenario or context of use of your product or service. The benefits of your UVP offer or proposal A social argument (Testimonial, opinions, customers using the product…) A single conversion goal with your call to action or Call to Action (with or without a form).

In Mexico, the number of Internet users during 2014 reached 53.9 million,which represented 5.3 percent more than the previous year, according to data from the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI). The same study also revealed that interacting on social networks is one of the main activities of users, even more than the use of search engines. It is a fact that this communication consists of sharing information, not necessarily their own, but influential or considered of value within the community that each one has.

To Improve Our Relationships

Although it is true that social networks Romania phone number not initially made to sell. There are many reasons why certain information. Becomes viral on social networks, we list three of them below. Because we consider that the information is relevant. To the users of our network. It is part of the essence of networks. Communicate without borders. As well as being very useful to have a presence in a market that. If it does not see your brand on networks. Simply does not exist in the physical world.

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The behavior of the users that make up our community strengthens communication. And the sense of belonging. By sharing content that is attractive to them. Little by little, it generates brand presence in the audience. To be a point of reference Sharing content is generating constant communication with users. The brand listens and understands them and not only that. It generates value in its market and gradually. Becomes a specialist that everyone wants to listen to.

Reasons To Manage Social Networks As An Sme

We have already talked about the myths that must be brokenwhen. We talk about digital strategies to connect with our customers. If we want results, they cannot be taken lightly or managed. By a family member or friend just because they have a personal profile on a social network. Index of contents Basics to be successful Basics to be successful Content. Each social network has a different target audience and language. And we must make the most of each of them. So it doesn’t look good to post the same information on both networks.

Each one has different strategies and approaches that only the Community Manager, based on the strategy, can establish. Images : It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, so whenever possible, quality images should be used that attract attention. If we do not use photographs taken by us, we must cite the source or link from where it was obtained. Periodicity: A fan page created on Facebook that is not being updated daily gives a bad image of the company and the same happens with Twitter.

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