On-line Video: To Attract New Prospects

E -Mail Marketing is still valid and is another digital channel in Marketing strategies: 57% of companies invest in improving communication with their customers through this medium and growing their business. Future Opportunities:educate, entertain and connect with the target audience to create a channel that guides them more easily through the sales tunnel. In the United States, to cite an example, 85% of Internet users consume video content daily, but only 27% of the companies interviewed invest in this strategy. In Mexico it is also one of the main activities on the Internet.

We can fall into the mistake that maintaining a good SEO is a one-time action, when we design our website and that’s it. Actually, appearing and staying in the top results of search engines (Google) is a subject that constantly needs to be updated with investment in advertising and content. Conclution: Still not sure if your ideal client is on digital platforms? We share the number of registered users in Mexico in the main Social Networks: Developing a digital strategy is essential if you want new customers to find you on their different Social Networks. The website, e-mail marketing and online video are additional tools that will allow you to always keep yourself in the mind of the public you want to reach.

Powerful Actions That Will Allow You

Regardless of whether your brand is Cambodia phone number or B2C. Digital Marketing specialists agree that we live in an H2H era, that is. Human To Human. As consumers, we look for the “face” of the product or service. Because in the end we buy from whom we trust and for this we need empathy. Much of this evolution in digital platforms is thanks to the fact that we have learned to use the advantages of the Internet and Social Networks ; now more than ever we can connect with our favorite brands and create a true line of communication. The result is trust, which is also the first rule of Content Marketing.

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No one does business with someone they don’t know. Creating consistency across the different Networks is very important because this way you increase engagement . The type of interactions you seek will allow you to: Maintain the presence of your brand in the minds of your customers. Generate new prospects. Strengthen leadership in your industry, showing yourself as an expert in your subjects. Develop and grow your community. Turn, over time, your most loyal customers into your brand’s own advocates and advocates.

Consistent In Your Social Networks

Index of contents Actions that will allow you to be consistent in your social networks 1. Respond to comments and engage with your community 2. Take advantage of Visual Content 3. Don’t forget creativity: Educate and Entertain 4. Choose the right time to post 5. Use hashtags related to your business Conclution: Actions that will allow you to be consistent in your social networks 1. Respond to comments and engage with your community You need to interact with your community, respond to comments, and always have a two-way conversation.

Using your profiles as a loudspeaker with which to communicate your information is a mistake and thus you will not get the desired results. These tools are designed for dialogue and that is how you should use them. You must answer questions and participate in the conversation threads for your strategy to be effective. 2. Take advantage of Visual Content There are many studies that ensure that visual content helps improve the interaction of publications. On Facebook, for example, engagement is 2.3 times higher and on Twitter, images can generate 150% more retweets .



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