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The time will come sooner or later, and Ali has finally officially announced the launch of the mobile game platform. When people from all walks of life are still making fun of Jack Ma’s rhetoric that he didn’t make games in the past, but unknowingly, the environment and climate China Mobile Number have already changed, just like a few years ago, we never thought that smog would haze our lives as much as today. Ali’s mobile game business has been secretly launched for a long time. It doesn’t matter. Clear and concise writing benefits everyone. Your content can be as complex as you want it to be. Your writing shouldn’t. Period.

Game Platform Is Not China Mobile Number

Ali’s mobile game platform combined transportation sharing strategy is that stand-alone games are completely free for the first year, while combined transportation games use a 7:2:1 sharing model. Taking 20% ​​to cover the cost and the other 10% to support rural education, Jack Ma still maintains a tall image. Ali, as always, adheres to the platform strategy: it only serves as a distribution China Mobile Number channel for games, and does not involve the main body. Seemingly clever, but in fact inevitable. Having missed the PC game market, for Alibaba, which is further striving to become a comprehensive Internet ecological platform, the wireless era will never be without the replacement of mobile games.

When Tencent Was China Mobile Number

China Mobile Number

The game business has supported the entire Tencent and has become an unstoppable behemoth today. It is fully eroding the Ali e-commerce market. No one believes that Ali has no pressure. From the perspective of foreign markets, reading applications are just the “sweet China Mobile Number pastry” of the giants: in August 2011, the interest reading application Zite was acquired by CNN for US$20 million, and in July last year, Facebook acquired RSS tool provider Pulp. In China, the differentiation of mobile reading apps has just begun.

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