Nicolas Bruno Shares What’s Find Your Phone Number Needed to Turn Dreams into Real-Life

Find Your Phone Number

Surrealist photographer Nicolas Find Your Phone Number Bruno suffers from sleep paralysis, a condition that immobilizes him almost every night as nightmarish figures lurk at the foot of his bed or hover above him. As a form of personal therapy, Nicolas chooses not to let the condition debilitate him, however, and instead turns the terrifying scenarios into beautiful photographic works. Here, Nicolas explains what equipment he uses to capture the images he will later composite in post. As most of his images are self-portraits Find Your Phone Number. Nicolas needs to keep his camera bag light since he’s often lugging it to remote or difficult to navigate locations.

Nikon D810 Find Your Phone Number


I shoot with a Nikon D810 Find Your Phone Number. This camera creates monster-sized images and captures stunning imagery even in the lowest of light conditions. Zooming in on live view mode helps me get tack-sharp focus when setting up my scenes. The interval timer is a lifesaver when modeling for long duration self-portraits. In post, using the expansion technique of D810 files gives me the ability to print immaculate images at huge resolutions. My gear philosophy is to bring only what is absolutely necessary. As long as I have my camera, one lens, and a way to release the shutter while I model for self-portraits, I will be able to Find Your Phone Number and create something interesting. When I shoot, I am normally carrying heavy props and wading out into murky marshlands. I avoid bringing excess gear that might be ruined or weigh me down.


Lighting Find Your Phone Number

In my photo philosophy Find Your Phone Number, I avoid using artificial light within my compositions. I rely on natural light, specifically overcast weather for ambient white light, or non-electronic light sources like candles and improvised torches. I keep my lighting situations rendered true to life and believable, while letting the surreal nature Find Your Phone Number of my work have more freedom to deviate from the norm. If it is necessary for me to use artificial light, I will use flood lamps from the hardware store. I have refined my approach to image-making by using only the Nikon 50mm F1.4G, which creates uniformity within my body of work. This reliable lens helps me capture crisp images that have a painterly feel when shooting at low apertures.

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