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Taylor Reed was born into Denmark Phone number nature. Her parents, both avid climbers, gave her the middle name “FreeSol. Both as an homage to their hobby and because their actual surname fits squarely into it. So it was perhaps inevitable that, after studying environmental science at university. She would spin her career to document the natural world. As a photographer, filmmaker, and digital storyteller. Unlike most nature photographers. However, whose goals are simply Denmark Phone Number to capture the world’s beauty. Her goals are more pointed, politically charged, and urgent. She aims her lens at communities affected by climate change, endangered animals, and mining in the global south, peppering her.

What Led You to Denmark Phone Number It?

Instagram with golden sunsets Denmark Phone Number and an occasional selfie with her husband, Renan Ozturk, whose work can sometimes overshadow hers. But she’s nonetheless carved out a name for herself in the climbing and photojournalism worlds through tireless effort, constant hustling, and a genuine passion for her work and the planet. I am curious about how you first got into photography. What led you to it? TAYLOR I have been into photography pretty much for as long as I can remember. I started using small point-and-shoot cameras in high school to photograph my friends, and then got into black and Denmark Phone Number white photography and developing my own photos in a darkroom in high school as well, and then carried that through college and projects until I finished graduate school, and then kind of took this on full-time. What made you start taking pictures in high school?

How Did You Start to Denmark Phone Number Hone Your Style?

I liked engaging with people Denmark Phone Number and with friends; I loved taking portraits of friends, photographing our adventures, various high school debauchery, photos of my family. Was there any kind of photography you gravitated towards back then? TAYLOR No, not necessarily. Perhaps just capturing real moments. So I wouldn’t call it photojournalism because it was mostly real moments with my friends and my family, but more so people than landscapes. Taylor Rees Wildlife Photography How did you start to hone your style? TAYLOR I probably started to hone my style when I started shooting more full-time. I did a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in environmental science, but would use photography on projects and worked for various non-profits, and would teach photography and video to students. I was more Denmark Phone Number into the education aspect of it.

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