Mistakes To Avoid In Your Brand’s Social Networks

Social Networks are the space where you can connect with your audience in an entertaining, close way and even in real time. However, there are still companies that leave this important strategy in the hands of family or friends without being aware that it can be a great risk. The “sobrinity manager” syndrome is something we have talked about before. It is one of the reasons why your company’s Social Networks do not have the consistency that is needed to generate a real impact. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Index of contents 5 Mistakes to avoid in your brand’s Social Networks.

Act without a plan. Ignore the competition. Not monitoring the progress of the strategy Conclution: 5 Mistakes to avoid in your brand’s Social Networks: 1. Act without a plan marketing plan Juan Carlos Mejia Defining the objectives is the first of the steps that must be developed if you seek to be successful in generating a presence in the Social Media universe. What are you looking for? Having more customers is the common goal that all companies seek, but how are you going to achieve it? Generating a map that allows you to develop a brand identity, a tone of voice in the conversation.

Cover All Social Networks Without A Strategy

Generate traffic to the profile. Turkey phone number list which platform is the most appropriate to start a digital conversation. And the psychology behind it are some aspects to consider. It is also important to define. What type of content your customers consume. Video , infographics, memes, photo or even the ideal mix between all the available formats can strengthen. Your brand value and attract the attention that we so much seek from our prospects. Think that the size of the Community is the main thing community telemadrid.

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As users and also as companies, we have learned. That the number of followers of a specific brand is not synonymous with sales. Or happy customers. To the quality of the followers more than to the quantity. Are they potential customers? The profile of prospects that you attract to your network is vital. If you are spending time and money on a Social Networking strategy. Therefore, it is important to define your Buyer Persona within the initial plan. Understanding their intentions. Their fears and their expectations will help you connect. With the profile your brand is targeting.

Think That The Size Of The Community Is The Main Thing

Cover All Social Networks without a strategy Sometimes when someone is launching their business or looking for customers through digital platforms , they tend to want to open their brand profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat and whatever else comes along the way. They publish the same image, without knowing schedules or trends, and sit and wait for sales to increase almost automatically. social media Lifeguard Developing a community in one or two social networks, with personalized content , is much better and more effective.

Knowing the psychology that we as users have on each platform is vital: On Instagram we are attracted to images, stories and we want entertainment ; on Facebook, fun and sharing content with close circles is an option if we consider that the content is worthwhile. Pinterest is more aspirational and Twitter more immediate . Thus, each Social Network has its own nature that must be respected in order to grow the community of followers. 4. Ignore the competition It is a fact that in each strategy, identifying what the competition is doing keeps us updated on market trends.

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