Magento Extensions: 5 Sale Boosters for 2021 E-Commerce Websites

In conclusion, Magento is arguably one of the best options for building an e-commerce website. According to a recent survey, about 4% of e-commerce websites across the Internet, 7% of the top 1 million websites, and 10% (10,000) of the top 100,000 websites use Magento, about 4 of which. However, Three minutes are satisfied. It has the features and services that Magento can provide. And when it comes to making good use of Magento to boost your website, the right Magento2 extensions are key. In the 10 years since the release of Magento 2, the e-commerce industry has grown beyond people’s expectations. Remove Background Image Let’s take a look at five Magento extensions that can boost conversion rates and increase sales in 2021. Latest Update: We have released version 2.0 of the Claue Multipurpose Magento 2 theme.

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It Contains a Number of Performance Improvements

Moreover, and unique features. Check out this theme now: Claue Magento Theme 2.0claue2_edited (1) Live demo Claue – Clean and Minimal Magento 2 & 1 Theme is an excellent modern and clean e-commerce store with over 40 homepage layouts and shop, blog, portfolio, store search layouts, and other useful page options. It is a template. Claue version 2.0 comes with a number of dedicated features, including Based on Luma’s theme. Meet all the criteria of the Magento theme Significant performance improvement Compatible with most third-party extensions. Fully compatible with Magento 2.4.x This second advanced version is completely different from the previous version. Therefore, if you are using Clause version 1 and you are updating to Clause version 2, you can only rebuild your new website instead of updating from the old version.

Now Let’s Get Back to The Main Topic. 1. Magento2 Cms Builder

by Mage Solution After the 2018 upgrade, this Magento extension has been gradually proven to be the most reliable and effective extension for Magento 2 users. With the Magento 2 Page Builder Extension installed, online stores can save a lot of time, money, and effort by instantly building complex and rich content related to Magento extensions and more. With the updated version of CMS Page Builder Magento2, customers can edit pages quickly, preferably. Drop interface and over 30 builder elements, you can easily create pages without spending a lot of time and effort. In addition, in 2021, Magento 2 CMS Builder will surely increase sales of e-commerce websites.

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