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The investment in digital advertising will reach 197.48 billion dollars worldwide in 2016. According to an estimate by emarketer. The global digital advertising market expects an investment for this 2016 for 197.48 billion dollars. According to an estimate by emarketer. as a matter of fact,The figure increases over the years to reach 252.02 billion dollars in 2018. Which means an estimated growth of 55 billion dollars in just two years. Facing this projection, an announcement gained interest on social networks. This tuesday after adblock plus announced. The launch of the acceptable ads platform with which the service announces that. It will show ads from brands that join the concept both to users. Who have the advertising blocker as well as to those who do not have it. In a note published on its blog. The platform ensures this new advertising bet. They will help real time bidding (rtb) strategies.

With the Launch of This Beta Version of a Service

that will whitelist faster. It ensures that the delay will go from weeks of waiting to mere seconds. In addition to the fact that among the Guatemala WhatsApp Number List  utilities that this platform. It has are those of allowing websites to choose the ads that can be displayed on their portal. The fact occurs as an interesting measure. When in markets such as the united states. Digital banner ads represent an investment of 19 thousand 554 million dollars this 2016. According to an estimate by statista.

Which projects growth to 26 thousand 414 million

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dollars in 2020 within this advertising format. Given the spirit increasingly focused on a growth in investment registered by digital platforms in advertising. As one of the marketing resources with the best results in the market. Adblock plus ensures that the measure seeks to boost small websites. By allowing them to obtain data through feedback with. Which they will know the performance


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