Linkedin Has An Option To Register Companies

Company name. Among others… How to start on this network? Before advancing in this social network, it is important that you consider the following steps: Create your company profile. This profile will be your cover letter within LinkedIn, so it is important that you work on it carefully and that you make use of all the resources you have to convey the identity of your company and its products or services on this page. We do not recommend using your own profile or a personal profile, as you will miss out on useful features to promote your business.

Look for the option indicated as “Company Pages” and start this simple process. Use images of your business (logos and photographs of your products), adapt them to the formats they ask for. As we mentioned before, it is important that you give your page an identity. Describe as clearly as possible your main work and the products or services you provide. Our recommendation is that you provide all the information requested, as this will help people learn more about who you are and what you do.

Function And Position

If you want to manage pages for Nigeria phone number countries. You must register using the different languages ​​that you plan to use. Define your target audience on LinkedIn It is important to know. What audience you are trying to reach on this page. As we mentioned before. LinkedIn concentrates more than 10 million Mexican professionals. But it is important that your content focuses on the people who participate in your purchasing processes… think about it a bit.

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Who would you like to know more about your company? Also consider the importance of expanding your network. It is not just about reaching those who directly buy your services, but about creating an entire network of influence around your potential client. For example, if your company does software development, you will most likely think about creating content for CIOs, but consider contacts who can support or influence the purchase decision, such as CFOs or company CEOs. Identify your key executives.

Who Are You Interested In Reaching?

Consider that in addition to publishing through your company profile, you can rely on some key executives of the organization. People who, through their contacts and recognition, can gradually become opinion leaders. These people will be very important spokespersons for the content you will generate, so you should meet with them and talk to them about the project. Let them know that you will share content with them in order for them to publish it on their networks in order to give relevance and notoriety to the company.

They, for their part, must also take care of their own publications, the idea is that they be the image of your organization, so when publishing opinions or personal issues it is important that they mention it in this way. Create suitable content for this network. Don’t lose focus that this is a professional network. Posting photos of what you eat or your vacations is not the best thing for your company profile on LinkedIn. Users expect to find topics for discussion related to their professional areas or content that allows them to learn more about new aspects.


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