Keyword Guide For Each Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

Follow your brand profiles on Social Networks; lead generation ; number of conversations or shared content are some of the variables that you can consider. Are you looking to create a long-term conversation? The trust that a micro -influencer generates and the reach that they have in their community can generate much more value than the instant impact in the feed of someone more “famous” because they tend to forget. Catching the attention of your target audience is a topic that can spawn entire books. In Digital Marketing, the importance of knowing.

In depth what your client is looking for and what phrases they use to answer their questions is very important. On this occasion we want to share with you the type of content that you can provide to your customers and your prospects for each stage that they experience in a purchase process. These words will allow you to generate the necessary content so that you can better design your strategies. Index of contents First things first: Keyword Guide for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey Discovery: Consideration: Decision: Conclution: First Things First: What is the Buyer’s Journey ? When you design the strategy to connect with more customers.

What Is The Buyer’s Journey?

It is not enough to know who you Belize phone numbers to win over with your products, services and attention. You have to know what they like, what they want to see and where. This is where the buyer’s journey begins. The buyer’s journey (or “buyer’s journey” ) is the “path” that all of us, as consumers, have taken to choose a brand and make our purchases. It consists of three stations that represent the customer experience during their buying cycle: Discovery. A prospect wants to solve a problem or take advantage of a certain opportunity. Therefore, he begins to investigate more about the issue to know and understand it. Consideration.

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When the prospect has already defined his problem, he will now look for possible solutions to it: perspectives, methods, products or services that can help him. Decision. Voila, the prospect has already established the strategy to solve their problem, or the approach they will use to solve it. You will now compile a list of options (products, services, brands, etc.) that can contribute to that goal. Keywords_Buyers_Journey For each stage of the buyer’s journey , companies must generate content to connect with buyers at specific moments of the buyer’s journey and thus guide them to a successful purchase.

When They Start Looking For Solutions

Keyword Guide for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey Discovery: The first stage of the buying process is awareness. Furthermore, knowledge is based on the customer determining that they have a problem and investigating possible solutions to this problem. When they start looking for solutions, they often discover different companies that provide a product or service to solve their problem. Some keywords that can work to be an attention trigger: What Whose When Where you can / can Be / Become … How To get better Increase Get more… The blog and the posts in your different Social Networks can be of great support in this first stage of the buyer.

Building trust and educating in an entertaining way are very important. Consideration: The potential client has identified the problem and moves on to the next stage; start looking for answers on how to solve your problem. He hasn’t decided anything yet. Some keywords that can support you in your content at this stage of the buyer’s journey are: compare / comparison The best Guide Services from: (name of your industry) Instructions Evaluate / Evaluate Check out: recommendations Other customers have said: … Videos , Landing Pages , podcasts are some of the formats in which you can continue building the trust of your customers.

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