Keys To Being An Ethical Brand Through Design

Therefore, Digital design for a brand is something that can do a lot and say a lot about the company. Today consumers look for brands that are ethical and consistent with their values. For your company to be one of them, we share some ideas. Index of contents Why be ethical? How to be an ethical brand through design 1- “Push-Pull” dynamics between consumers and brands 2- Online transparency 3- Focus on the shopping experience 4- Transition from symbolism to true action 5- Take advantage of social channels Why be ethical? Brands can take advantage of the trend and opportunities offered by ethical consumption through design in the digital medium.

People are increasingly aware of the need to protect the environment and what their consumption can contribute to it. on brand Everlane breaks down the actual cost of materials, hardware, labor, duties, transportation, etc. for each product. everlane logo The Hub 3- Focus on the shopping experience On the path to sustainability, consumer goods brands and designers specialized in the digital world must not lose sight of any of the elements that drive consumption and can be influenced by ethical factors: packaging, inclusive images or terminology used.

Brands Must Root Their Ethical Values ​​in Action

The Axiology company Germany Phone Number List “zero waste” lipstick. Offering consumers different packaging options for this product. Axiology “zero waste” lipstick Axiology Beauty In addition to the product. Brands must promote inclusion and diversity in the shopping experience. A clear example of this is Dove and its body positive movement. With a strong online presence. Most millennials trust recommendations from friends. And family (Word of Mouth) more than brand claims. In the effort to achieve authenticity. And the personal touch, digital design is essential and makes a difference both in the positioning. Of a brand and whether that positioning is genuine or not.

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That action, in turn, must be clearly mapped. Or enabled in digital channels” . In the #AerieReal campaign. Aerie invites users to share unretouched swimming photos. In addition. The brand made donations to an eating disorder charity. 5- Take advantage of social channels. Social channels have interesting power over purchasing decisions. Visual indicators of the values ​​that the brand champions on platforms such as Instagram. And Facebook also become a competitive advantage. Activism in social networks also works. “Consumers are motivated by brands that aren’t afraid to make their social justice voice heard.

Transition From Symbolism To True Action

Digital design for consumer goods should generate this voice and use it to connect with socially conscious audiences.” The aim is to show how the brand values ​​are genuinely enacted at all levels of the digital journey, to make the product and mission one. The companies The North Face and Patagonia led the boycott of Facebook due to the laxness of their actions against the harmful content circulating on the platform. Digital design is the great ally of companies to stand out.

And make the brand a unique one that highlights the values ​​and makes the brand an authentic one that its actions say more than the communication itself and thus make a difference. If you are looking for an ally for your brand to transmit and connect with the consumer through digital design, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation . We want to be your support so that your brand becomes that renowned company that you want so much. Every action is carried out with one objective: to provide results to the company. ROI helps determine each goal clearly and precisely, and then make decisions based on the results.


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