It Is Not About Having A Copy-paste

Far from it because the nature of your brand has its own values, goals and connection style, but from time to time it is important to analyze what those “in front” are doing. The style, the image, the promotion mechanics or the way they maintain their presence can help you measure your own parameters. 5. Not monitoring the progress of the strategy monitoring Technology Pawawan At the beginning of this blog we commented on how essential it is not to leave a Social Media strategy in the hands of the sobrinity manager . Therefore, One of the reasons why it poses a risk is because of the information in the reports, both quantitative and qualitative (KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators ).

Which you need to view to measure progress with respect to your own goals. Remember that not everything is quantitative and that the quality of the conversations or the recommendations are not always visualized with a number, but they are there, present in the minds of your users. Therefore, Specifically in a Social Media strategy we can measure the evolution of a brand based on interactions: likes Comments followers Mentions shares User questions Direct messages between some indicators The type of content they most like to consume The number of prospects and customers.

Digital Advertising And Main Formats For Your Strategy

Conclution: Having a community that Thailand phone number list you. And is faithful to you on Social Networks is something like an “ATM” for your company. The system to build trust, attract the attention of users. And ultimately convert them into satisfied customers can continuously give you presence in the digital world. Therefore, If you don’t know where to start to strengthen your brand’s presence on digital platforms. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can give you a free consultation. So that you can identify the first steps to implement.

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Digital advertising is a key element that is becoming more relevant every day. Consumption habits and the way of interacting. Therefore, With brands have adapted to new lifestyles and, without a doubt, participating is essential. Some points that frame the relevance of this topic. In Mexico, investment in digital advertising will grow to around 2.2 billion dollars in 2020. And according to the latest Study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet Users carried out. By iab Mexico: Blog. We are approximately 75.8 million Internet users estimated in Mexico.

What Is Digital Advertising?

10 years ago, only 22% of this population had a Smartphone. Today 90% own one. The average time we spend connected. To the Internet is 8 hours 12 minutes a day and Social Networks. The most used applications. Therefore, 8 out of 10 follow a brand to be aware. So it is important to focus efforts on providing information that reflects the brand’s values. 84% of Internet users have Social Networks. 4 is the average of most frequently used networks. (Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and Instagram the most mentioned) The average number of mobile applications used by Internet users on a cell phone is 7.43.

Index of contents Digital Advertising Formats Conclution: What is Digital Advertising? Advertising can be understood as a communication formula paid by companies to advertise in the different media available in the market. Therefore, Given the number of mediums in which businesses can advertise, there are many types of advertising . Therefore, Offline advertising : We can list the main ones: press advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising, outdoor advertising or direct advertising are among some of the formats available offline.

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