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Baidu: In my impression, Baidu was the first to act in terms of mobile entry, and it was very early to assign Baidu Maps to the mobile division, and Wuhan Mobile Phone Number the mobile version of Baidu’s navigation bar maps ranked first rather than news. However, due to the team’s execution ability, the map O2O strategy progressed slowly. Because of work reasons, I met the person in charge of Baidu’s mobile business department once in April. At that time, Baidu’s strategy was to provide Baidu with a traffic platform, Then cooperate with many local communities such as: Xiamen and Hangzhou 19th Floor, Wuhan Mobile Phone Number which provided Baidu Maps. For the content of local eating, drinking and entertainment, in addition to the need to provide the business data of the city, it also needs to provide original strategies such as strategies.

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Later, Baidu acquired Nuomi, and then announced two major strategies for Baidu Maps to be free! Among them, the impact of the free strategy is still Wuhan Mobile Phone Number very huge. Fortunately, AutoNavi followed up in time, so that Baidu did not take much advantage. Ali: After Ali took a stake in AutoNavi Maps, it followed Baidu to implement a free strategy. Then there are high-profile promotions of life services through Lin Zhiling’s endorsement, hoping to transform AutoNavi Wuhan Mobile Phone Number Maps from a tool product to an entry platform for mobile O2O.  AutoNavi Maps has a high vehicle capacity, so consider doing high-end service O2O?

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Summary: WeChat has the largest imagination space at the entrance to the battlefield, followed by Ali, and Baidu is the weakest WeChat After the concept of Wuhan Mobile Phone Number WeChat e-commerce/O2O was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, WeChat began to prepare for merchants to enter WeChat. The service account provides function buttons to allow merchants to improve user experience and increase the convenience of user consumption. Re-launching the wind chime system  allows merchants to create individual accounts on their own (somewhat similar to Taobao store decoration). WeChat payment helps merchants complete the closed loop and so on. . . At this rhythm, parents should keep Wuhan Mobile Phone Number up with the pull! At present, WeChat has no plan to import from Tencent’s Gaopeng and other websites, but re-screens high-quality merchants for testing

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