Instagram Hides The “likes” Counter In More Countries

Three months ago, Instagram announced at Facebook’s F8, the most important event of the year for Mark Zuckerberg’s company, that it would hide the “likes” counter and it would be applied experimentally in Canada . The measure has focused on fighting false popularity and bought ” likes” . In this way it will be impossible to know the number of “likes” (and the level of popularity) of the photos on the main screen. Index of contents Goodbye to “likes”: Instagram expands the new model What is Instagram looking for with this new measure.

Conclution: Goodbye to “likes” : Instagram expands the new model Instagram wants people to focus more on the photos and not on the popularity of the creator. Instagram The idea is to reduce the false popularity of photos and videos; and eliminate in this way and completely, the companies that are dedicated to selling false likes and views on Instagram. This practice is widespread and distorts the reality of the social network. “We want Instagram to be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.

This Initiative Received A Mixed Response

We hope this test will take the Armenia cell phone numbers list off of. How many likes a post will receive, so our users can focus. On sharing the things they love” Mia Garlick, Director of Facebook Australia. And New Zealand What is Instagram looking for with this new measure: Reduce/eliminate the growth of fake influencers who trade their posts for false popularity. Help authentic creators not to lose motivation. Seek a more positive interaction with users. Likes will continue to be important as they will serve the algorithm and statistics. Something very important: you can continue to see them in the creator’s account.

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The biggest opposition comes from the influencers on the platforms. They claim that it will hinder their chances of receiving sponsorships from companies that use them to market their products. So also the brands that use this type of marketing as a channel to reach new audiences. Conclution: This new measure should make companies think about generating more original content. So too, it must be of value in order to have an authentic relationship with your audience. In addition, this action by Instagram will make companies look for better strategies for their Social Media plan and not go the easy way.

Reasons To Use Them In Your Social Media Strategy

It is a drastic action, but one that brands must consider for their interaction with the user. Last week, to be precise on Wednesday the 17th, we celebrated International Emoji Day. Emojis have become an indispensable element in the way we communicate with our friends and family. But not only do they work to express ourselves better with people, but for companies it has also become a key element, or so it should be, in the social media strategy.

If you still think that this element only works for informal conversations between friends, check out the following article and find out why you should include them in your social media strategy. Index of contents Emojis, More than a Complement for Communication Why Include Emojis in Your Brand Strategy? 1) They humanize the brand 2) Increase Brand Awareness 3) They highlight the storytelling 4) Increase engagement 5) They drive clicks 6) They help improve customer service Emojis, More than a Complement for Communication.



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