Influencers Or Micro-influencers Who Owns The Market

Micro – influencers are gaining ground in a space where consumers are looking for trust, honesty and for “someone like us ” to speak to us. Finding a way to reach the ideal audience has different paths. In recent years, the power of influencers in purchasing decisions has become so strong that it has turned this segment into an industry on its own. Like any trend, it has taken its own rhythm over the last few years with its own “life cycle” . Where are customers looking for benchmarks headed now? Index of contents Advantages that strengthened the influencers.

The golden age of microinfluencers What to choose for your brand? Advantages that strengthened the influencers : For Marketing strategies, implementing a communication channel was a kind of “shortcut” : They connected better with the public. They were not penalized by the algorithms in Social Networks. Achieved high credibility. They positioned themselves among the audience in a much more visible way. However, the “B side” of influencers began to contrast as audiences understood and educated themselves about how they “influenced” it: Fake influencers emerged.

What About Micro -influencers?

The metrics to measure the Belarus phone numbers of hits were not clear. It became clear that a large number of followers. Which could be bought- was not a guarantee for the success of a campaign. The golden age of microinfluencers However, in recent years there has been. A strong boom in the so-called micro -influencers . What are they? Users with a much smaller audience (they have between 1,000. And 10,000 followers) , but who are not professionalized and. Who connect in a much more natural, fresh and direct way with their followers. “People connect with micro-influencers because of their authenticity and honest perspective.

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They feel that the microinfluencer is a person like them” Laura. According to a study carried out in January 2018 in Europe and the United States, influencers with less than 100,000 followers take 45.8% of the fashion, cosmetics and luxury market. Macro-influencers ( between 100,000 and 500,000 followers) monopolize 33.6%, while 9.3% correspond to mega -influencers (between 500,000 and 1,500,000) . Celebrities , defined as users with more than one and a half million followers , are responsible for 11.3% of the campaigns.

What To Choose For Your Brand?

Nowadays, consumers are looking for a closer type of connection and it is for this reason that micro-influencers are the ones that are gaining ground and advancing in the area of ​​marketing. These types of influencers reach up to 11 times the return on investment compared to other types of digital strategies, thanks to the fact that they show a real interest in their followers. According to data from The Startup , microinfluencers achieve 60% more engagement , 6.7 more efficient and profitable campaigns, as well as 22 times more conversations than the average consumer.

People connect with micro -influencers for their authenticity and freshness more than with the influencer, since the latter is more professionalized. According to figures from Experticity , 82% of consumers are more likely to act on the recommendations of a micro -influencer . What to choose for your brand? Decisions for each market will depend on variables intrinsic to your product or service. In the beginning, the budget can mean an important variable, but if you are thinking of implementing a campaign with influencers , focus on: What are the Key Performance Indicators that you will take into account to determine the success of your campaign: Presence, awareness.


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