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I’d add one more Peru Mobile Number question: Does it align with what your brand stands for? Patagonia probably won’t offer NFTs (or find success with them if they do) because of their commitment to environmental causes. The environmental impact of minting (i.e., creating) a typical Peru Mobile Number NFT (and other blockchain assets) equals 500 miles of driving in a gasoline-powered car. Salesforce learned the hard way about NFT alignment with brand values. A sustainably committed company, Salesforce Peru Mobile Number found hundreds of its employees protesting its plans to create an “NFT cloud” where creators could mint and sell  the tokens.

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The employees thought the environmental impact of Peru Mobile Number NFTs conflicted with the company’s commitment to sustainability. Which it had with your recently touted in an ad that ran during the Super Bowl. What you should do today about NFTs really depends Peru Mobile Number on your analysis of how (or whether) NFTs make sense for your audience and your brand. It’s the same advice you’ve heard about entering any trendy new initiatives. If your audience consists of gamers, art Peru Mobile Number collectors or enthusiasts, and people receptive to interacting with blockchain-related elements or hanging out in the metaverse.

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You might decide to move faster than Peru Mobile Number someone whose audience feels less connected to those circles. Use these early days to talk with stakeholders about how NFTs might fit with your brand strategy, positioning, and values. Talk with your audience Peru Mobile Number and customers to gauge their level of interest in and openness to NFTs. If NFTs seem promising after those discussions, study up Peru Mobile Number to decide your best way forward.

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