How Will Your Brand Benefit From A Storytelling Strategy

Now, thanks to the Internet and mobile devices that are always with us, our way of paying attention has become more demanding: attention spans are shorter thanks to “multi-screening” (you can watch your favorite series on Netflix and browse your cell phone at the same time). storytelling “ The adoption of technology and the use of social media are empowering consumers to be more efficient in processing and encoding information through short bursts of high attention.” Microsoft Canada: Consumer Research 2015 Digital marketing will reach a global investment of 306 billion dollars by 2020.

So the trend to build stronger relationships with users through digital platforms is clear. The question is: how will your brand benefit from a storytelling strategy ? May your brand be a leader in storytelling. Here are some factors to consider: Doing storytelling in digital marketing is appealing. To the emotional side of people, thus generating the relationship of trust and loyalty. That all brands seek. Getting people to feel a certain way requires knowing them. And what really motivates them, which is why our job is to make a storytelling. That gains space not only in the attention of your users, but also in their memory.

Trends In Social Media For This 2020

storytellingContent vs Context: It is not Russia phone number list about creating. The same content and distributing it on different social platforms. It is about understanding the nature of each one and the psychology behind users when they browse them. Facebook is not the same as Instagram or LinkedIn and the time that users spend on them has different motivations. Emotional attention: Facebook, for example, is very important to create awareness of your brand; Instagram generates purchase intent and is more aspirational. It’s not just about advertising a product. But about creating added value that resonates. With what your customers are looking for.

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Conclution: Telling stories through images, videos, text (copy) on your Social. Networks and even on your brand’s website is not complicated. The strength of a photograph and designing the text. With the words that arouse an emotion or generate a memory is part of the communication bond that can be generated. If you need support with your digital strategy so that your audience becomes real customers, do not hesitate to contact us . Social Networks are constantly changing: new platforms emerge, new tools are available in Social Media, as well as important changes in terms of policies and functionalities of the networks.

Instagram: More And More Questions

This year is no exception, and so that the changes do not catch you off guard, today we review some of the trends that are coming for Social Media for this year and how they impact your digital marketing strategy. Index of contents new social platforms Social Commerce Content Personalization social welfare Data privacy and Fake News new social platforms Many emerging social platforms will give something to talk about, some like Vero, Caffeine, Steemit, Lasso, etc.

However, the one that stands out among all is undoubtedly Tik Tok . This new platform has accumulated 500 million monthly active users and will soon grow to 750 million. phone with tik tok app los40 These new platforms, also known as niche networks , offer communities with commonalities and customization, being the main attraction for new users. Niches provide more relevant content, and also promote greater proximity between users, audiences and brands. For brands, it has the potential to deliver higher ROI and help them find and engage with more targeted audiences for their messaging.



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