How To Synchronize Your Web Catalog With Social Networks

Therefore, Social selling or sales through social networks is a sales channel that is booming these days. We share the first steps to start using it to boost your sales. Index of contents The importance of social networks in e-commerce How to synchronize your catalog on the networks Instagram Facebook 1- Use the Store function on Facebook. 2- Use the advertising account to integrate a product catalog without complications. 3- Make use of Facebook Business Manager to integrate a product catalog on Facebook. The importance of social networks in e-commerce Continuing with the line of omnichannel , social networks play a very important role for e-commerce and online marketing.

There are five main reasons to consider that your brand and online store also use social networks as a sales channel: In social networks you can create communities of fans and followers with whom you can have two-way communication. Customers can express opinions, and so the brand can listen and talk to them to provide greater satisfaction. Build the brand image. Having a presence on networks and making our products and/or services known is positive for the image. You can build the brand by spreading our content in these media. Monitor online reputation.

Being On Social Networks Allows You

To quickly detect and react when an Netherlands phone number list customer speaks badly about the brand on networks. In order to control these situations, it is important to know how to handle them in the best way, so that the image and reputation of the brand is not at stake. Sell ​​through networks. Therefore, Although networks can be an excellent way to sell, it will always be better to have an e-commerce ( online store ), it is independence for the business. Increasingly relevant source of traffic capture. “In social networks, a satisfied customer is a valuable prescriber”.

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To make things a little easier, we’ll go over how to sync your products across two of the biggest networks today: Facebook and Instagram. Instagram 1) Have the account configured as a company profile . Therefore, Link the Instagram account to the corporate Facebook profile (necessary to be Instagram too). 3) Account verification by Instagram to be able to tag products. Remember that it is important to be located in your region; comply with business policies; and that the Instagram account is connected to a product catalog uploaded to the corporate Facebook profile .

How To Synchronize Your Catalog On The Networks?

This catalog can be managed in Business Manager , through the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms ; also, from the company’s Facebook page. 4) Once Instagram has verified the purchase of products, what follows is to tag them. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. How? Go to your Instagram profile. Tap “Get Started” at the top of your profile. If you don’t see the alert in the image above, tap the tools icon. Go to “Purchases” . Tap “Continue” . Select the product catalog that you want to connect to the company profile. To add a post, everything will be similar.

You can upload a photo or photo gallery, add text and filters; label the products as if it were a person and add the name, and select the one you want . Facebook You must first create an advertising account on Facebook . To do this, visit the Facebook for Business page and go to “create ad” . You will have a wizard that will guide you step by step. Remember that each person can only have one advertising account, regardless of the pages that are managed. If you need to manage multiple ad accounts, you must have a Business Manager account .


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